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TELEGRAM is a game made for the Asylum Jam.

Set in the Battle Of The Somme (WW1), you play as a Telegram boy, sent to deliver an important telegram to the Allied British forces in the Somme. This is a short-and-sweet horror game about your story in the base.

My aim was to make a game with as little cliches as possible, most importantly – as little Jumpscares as possible. Some would argue I didn’t make this goal, as blood writing may be a cliche, but it’s essential to the actual game, if I’ll have to say so myself.

I am well aware this is very short, small, and has little characterization and story, and my main argument is “You can’t really make a decently-sized horror game in 48 hours”. While some would consider it alright, many will say we were all just lazy, unproductive, unmotivated, idea-less, or generally procrastinated. While other game jams provide much more lifespan for games like Ludum Dare and other 48-hour jams, making a horror game was quite hard, specifically with our ideas. I had limited time, models, and literally no cash to spend on anything. It was just myself and the blokes who help me. I hope you appreciate the game for what it is, though.

I would like to thank Dominykas Žalalis, André Engelhardt and johnney_ripper for their help with the project (detailed credits in game).


Hi, I'm sorry to have to ask, you talk about jumpscares in the description but I didn't experience any. Could you tell me if I missed something?
I started in front of the snow, with my back to a complex door. Since I couldn't go further in the snow, I went to the complex, I searched through it, found three notes (one with the guns, one in a body at a bed, and one in a desk), found a locked door but no key. To my surprise, when I tried to go through the snow again, the games ends and I am taken back to the title screen.
Even though that happened, I liked the scenario and the setting.
What I didn't like was being too short (the player, my vision was almost at the same height of the beds), and that my graphics card couldn't run it smoothly (that's me, but maybe you could let we use lower settings?).

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It this horror game?

Despite the length of the game, I can tell you put a lot of effort into it. I would however like to see more notes and rooms in a future installment. Otherwise, I feel like I'm playing an unfinished game.

Would not start, Said it was incompatible with my touchscreen device, but I wasn't using a touchscreen device... I was using my PC.

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Though it was short, and I know it is just a trial version the games have a eerie feel that I fell in love with within the first minute of play through.

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3.10 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2013
3:16 AM EDT
Adventure - Other