Great conquest

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–°apture the enemy's castle
LEFTCLICK on any of your buildings to select it;
LEFTCLICKING on an empty space will reset any selection;
If you need to select more then one building, use SHIFT+LEFTCLICK combination.
To deselect all your buildings, just click on an empty space or use keyboard SPACE button.


fun game, I finished the whole thing. mainly the strategy is to build the things that give both gold and people, and then attack attack attack.

on harder levels upgrade a few core buildings that you fully protect, but the same strategy applies and eventually you will overwhelm the enemy. attack using space and then just click their buildings. clicking one building and attacking is too hard.\

only thing is I wish you had like a 'Congrats!' screen or something at the end

Oh sweet Jesus the grammar... Its barely readable. Also, it gets way too hard way too fast. Level 4 is unbeatable. Its a neat twist on the virus game, but it falls flat.

not a bad game. It played smooth and was fun for a little while. I wanted to try to wil all of the battles however. I did not like how you had to always select the screen to unselect your own castle. If you wanted to do speed transfers of troops from multiple locations that was just impossible as you would be stuck sending your trooops to the first location you selected and not the second. but overall nice game, not great just nice.

My first impressions of this game weren't too great, but it turns out there's more to it than meets the eye. Upgrading buildings is a simple and fun task, and there's plenty of strategy involved in the way you improve your economy and overtake the enemy castle. Wish the process of moving soldiers from one area to another was a drag-and-drop style maneuver though, somehow that feels like the logical form of movement. Might be just me though. Keep it going!


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not bad, but could use some work. the main issue is the grammar. other than that, it's a simple, but enjoyable game

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3.43 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2013
12:17 PM EDT
Strategy - Other