Kerrigan and the Frog

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WARNING: If you are offended by extreme cuteness, yummy muffins, or adorible little frogies: DO NOT WATCH!

I made this awhile back. Pre- "One Ring to Rule Them All" and pre-"Final Fantasy Tribute." I wasn't going to summit it but everybody who saw it liked it so...here it is! (Remember, this is old!)

NOTES: Kerrigan is one of my characters from my science fiction story. I was watching Tenchi on TV and realized how silly anime could be. So I took Kerrigan, made her all cute and adorible looking, and just had some fun animating.

Also note: This is NOT Kerrigan from StarCraft, it's just one of my characters with the same name. I mean, they don't even LOOK the same. The only similar trait is the green skin... and SC Kerrigan doesn't even HAVE green skin in her unit profile.

Yay! Daily 4th Place!

***Flash Movie #2***



Aah yes, why Kerrigan lieks muffins to begin with.

Person below me:
So what? It's funny, doesn't matter if they're mutant (not alien :P) or that they have a muffin obsession. It's funny!

Not my favorite A&K video, but still a good one LF!

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Not bad

It's reasonably funny, but Kerrigan is creepy as hell. A weird alien woman with a muffin obsession isn't a good thing. The narrator was funny though


Great animation, great drawings, great video, great food... I EATZ MUFFINZ EVARYDAY FER BREAKFAST!!!!

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Great Effort

I like this animation a lot. It made me laugh among other things.

And then he ate the muffin... via osmosis!

OMG, I died watching this damn movie. Good stuff.

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Sep 2, 2002
11:27 PM EDT
Comedy - Original