Awesome adventure

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One day little jelly decided to start it’s big adventure… awesome adventure…

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It looks good. The controls are a little slow, unresponsive and frustrating. If that were improved, I would give 4 stars. Otherwise, I finished it and enjoyed it.

Well, the game wasn't bad... but it wasn't too great either. Sure it looked pretty, but that's pretty much all that it has going for it. Plus, even though the scenery is pretty, it'd be nice to see something else then the grassland level. The music is a repetitive loop that will surely get on the nerves of some people, myself included, and draw them out of the game experience. Not that there is much to experience. Speaking of sound, the sound effects were lacking. At least put a few sound effects when you die or kill an enemy to give a little satisfaction when you kill something. The controls feel slippery, I found a wall jumping glitch. Over all this game just feels incomplete. If ou took a little more time into making the game it might have been a lot better than this. Don't let these sort of reviews discourage you to make games, people make mistakes which they can build upon as an experience. Don't stop making games and good luck.

Distinctive art, not really great gameplay, but good for a few minutes time-filling.

This game is pretty mediocre. It's nothing atrocious, it's just not perfect. The animation is minimal and there were some discrepancies in grammar. The sound was also underutilized. That said, the game works just fine. The gameplay feels pretty solid, and the characters and scenery look pretty good.

To be honest with you this is a pretty bad game,and here is why:it had problems with the framerate,the graphics are mediocre and it is repetitive.

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2.94 / 5.00

Oct 18, 2013
4:14 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop