Skin : A Pixel Nightmare

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Please note this IS NOT a game it's a animation

this is mine and zip zipper's submission for the newgrounds halloween spooktacular. It's very different to our normal styles but we wanted to try something different.

it's a story of a young womans turment which begins to completely unstabilize her game. think of it as a playthough of a creepypasta that she is playing herself and don't roll your eyes because i just said creepypasta IT'S NOT A CREEPYPASTA! that's just the best way I can discribe it.
it's told like an 8bit game with her collection items and her game glitching out.

WARNING THIS ANIMATION DOES HAVE FLASHING IMAGES! it's nothing to bad but thought I'd best warn you just in case.


So nostalgic yet very creepy little short. If I may ask, what was the meaning behind some of the imagery in this video?

Clockworkpixel responds:

Rose .. I think I called her rose? haven't watched it since I put it up lol well, she has had a miscarriage and her partner Karla is blaming her for it. that's the plot at least. thank you

You are the only person I've ever encountered who's been able to fit creepy, scary, nostalgic, ironic and touching in the same animation. Congratulations on your brilliance and way to go!

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Clockworkpixel responds:

thank you so much :)

Damn this was creepy and awesome. Love it!

Clockworkpixel responds:

thanks :)

Wow nightmare :D

Clockworkpixel responds:


Nightmarish pixel horror: I was hooked, man!

The crackling, glitching retro effects really completed the soundscape you gave this animation, and the psychedelically pixellated graphics and high-pitched tone used for the Siren's advances/attacks was really quite chilling.

The concept, too, deserves some credit: the whole idea of this game environment collapsing and turning itself against Rose is remarkably eerie in its own way. I also like how you imitated a classic retro interface throughout (for item interactions and stuff), as if the animation was viewed through the eyes of a gamer.

For some reason, I felt that the sound for the freakishly large flesh worm (the scene where Rose climbs up that ladder) could have been improved. For me, it would have sounded creepier if were just one long continuous sound. The movie kinda slows down at that part for me; however, this is me nitpicking because I'm listening through headphones.

Another thing which has been mentioned before: the Siren's hair looks out of place compared to the rest of her mutilated form. Since it's non-pixels, it looks a little sketchy and perhaps would have looked better if it was illustrated with pixels. The battle scene, though, was quite intense!

The movie is a strain on the eyes after a while, but I sense that the chaotic visuals and flashing scenes was intentional to help the effect of a nightmare. No reason to knock that.

After watching this, I can say, in a somewhat relieved voice: I am glad that I do not suffer from epilepsy. Otherwise I'd be writhing around, mid-way through a seizure right now. :P

Zip Zipper, as always, is one of those rare NG gems of the Audio Portal that has yet to disappoint me with his music. 'The Broken Siren' did well here as a soundtrack: it gave the bloody, flesh worm-infested cave a real tense atmosphere.

This was a lot of fun and I feel that I should have watched / reviewed this sooner. Keep up the great work!

4.5 / 5

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Clockworkpixel responds:

thank you so much for the review :) and I gotta say the hair IS pixelated lol people say it isn't but it is, the effect is that it is sligthtly transparent and cause the background is moving it makes it look different but it IS pixel art haha so with that nikpick solved 5/5? :)

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Oct 16, 2013
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