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You have RAGE QUIT at Super Meat Boy, pulled your hair out at The Binding of Isaac. Prepare to get your ass handed to you by the insane challenge that is Pyroclysm.

This game is HARD!

This game is addicting, I dare you to try and survive.

Defend civilizations from the onslaught of a massive meteor field traveling through the galaxy.

Travel to different locations, buy and upgrade your weapons, missiles, drones and bombs.

Press the F key for wave bomb.
Use your mouse to control and click to shoot.

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Boring and allready seen, no interest at all and irritating music

I have beaten super meat boy.

I have beaten the binding of isaac.

This is not on the level of either.

Its not addicting as you say it is, its not fun.

You know what you fail to do that they do really well? Besides be fun I mean.

They have progression. They have a difficulty curve. They are well balanced, very well controlled and actually fun.

All this game is is freaking missile command scaled way down.

I mean hell, its not even hard.

Note to author: Did you just release a phone game on PC? Saying "tap" and "swipe" in the description is a bit of a give away. You do know most/all PC's aren't touch screen right?

With that in mind, its still not very good. It's hard for the sake of being hard. It still is an uninteresting and a quite boring game.

Do you know what the difference is between this game and Super meat boy and the binding of isaac is? They have a point to get to. This just feels like missle command revamped. No story line, it takes an incredible amount of leveling up to get weaponry... Also you said the game is addicting. It isn't.

Take it from me, next time, try an interesting storyline or a concept other than space invaders with better graphics. Good luck.

You should add a scoreboard system and enlargen the screen. Eveything else is fine~ Jezz I wish I knew how to program as well, I got so many ideas~

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3.22 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2013
9:44 PM EDT