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In a world where people harness the everpresent æther to laugh at gravity, a malevolent force is brewing. Sinister creatures in bizarre forms have come down from the skies to rain destruction on the land below. Only an expert æthership pilot like you stands a chance at fighting back.
Shoot down enemies and combine powerups in this arcade-style shooter. You can use the points you earn to upgrade your life and weaponry. How far can you get?

Move your ship with WASD.
Fire by holding a direction on the arrow keys.

Black and white powerups change the form of your weapon.
Colored powerups change the effect that your weapons have.
Find combinations that suit your playstyle the best!

Defeat enemies and bosses for points to spend on weapon upgrades.

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I would love a lock powerups feature so once I get the combo I like I can keep using it without risk of picking up the wrong ones and altering my playstyle on the spot. And maybe an aim with mouse feature?


Really like this. The controls take some getting used to, but are interesting and challenging.
The game itself isn't heavy in terms of graphics or other dazzling fx, but is still interesting to the eye.
I enjoyed the upgrade system as well.
A fun little game, worth a play.

Pretty good. The mechanics are nice and I really like the weapon combinations. One problem I had was occasionally the enemies would become invincible for some reason and I would not be able to move on.

It'd be cool If you could implement the mouse into this, I have real trouble controlling the shiip with the WASD keys, I would personally prefer it if the mouse was the aim and shoot, and you could choose whether to have WASD or the Arrow keys to move,
gonna give 3 because I like the concept but I can't play it for crap :(

I realy like it

Credits & Info

4.15 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2013
4:57 AM EDT