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Starbarians - Episode 2

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Over a year ago I started animating a very long script which I intended to be episode 2. Lots of footage was animated (lots more than seen here) but ultimately I decided to split it in to parts to start sharing it with the world. So, this episode 2 is PART ONE of a several episode story. I can't promise when the next installment will arrive but I'M ON IT.


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not as many titties :/

Never let the meat supply get low!

this yeets my geet na meen? this stuff deserves to be on adult swim tho. my god, tis truely stellar. or should i say 'interstellar?' ;) FUN PUN!!!

60 seconds in... i'm thinking, natives wonder, "why you here?" "duh, we all guys. need copulate. need ur women." wait, now. that's not the premise!? i thought this was Starbarians. meh. art and animation stellar, as usual.

did not take as long as part 3 ;)