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Okay, so I've been working on my game, and while I've been looking around for some tutorials on special effects like fire and explosions (both searches of which resulted in only a couple semi-decent tutorials here), I got the idea, "I'm already working on scripted fire, why not script explosions?" It IS a lot easier than manually making the explosion, not to mention no two explosions will be the exact same! :D
And then I remembered, "Oh yeah, I did that with my scripted fireworks... why didn't I think about that sooner??" and then proceded to hit myself in the head with a brick. (Besides, I needed something that would fit in with the game I'm working on. You know, the same kind of style and whatnot; nothing I found matched up very well.)
So here I am, making a quick little tutorial for anyone who may be in my situation, wanting explosions, but would rather code it than draw it frame by frame.
While this only shows how to make one kind of explosion, it's not difficult to modify and toy with to get it where you want it.
Just keep in mind, this is for coding ONE SHOT explosion MCs. In other words, they will only explode once on their frame. They do not loop (although I'm not sure why that would be needed).

PS, all code is copy-paste-able. Just click and drag over it. I don't know why it doesn't hilight.

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Thanks alot!

this was really helpfull. :)

UltimateCJ64 responds:

No problem man! Use your explosives responsibly! :D

Although I might never use this tut, it is cool and awesome, 5 :D

UltimateCJ64 responds:

Thanks bro! :)

Was looking for things to waste time. Found this. Apparently, I am a clever bastard.

UltimateCJ64 responds:

Apparently… XD

Good tutorial for people who don't know how to make explosions.

UltimateCJ64 responds:

T'was the point! :D

3.5 stars. i liked the tutorial and the fact that yu can see what it looks like. I don't like that yu can't make your own, and i REALLY, REALLY don't like how you get stuck at the ending. I hate it. you suck for that.

UltimateCJ64 responds:

Bwahahaha!!! >:D

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Sep 25, 2013
11:40 PM EDT