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That's not easy game. This game for real guys who like old style games. You can upgrade your ship, set more powerful weapon. Your mission is destroy all bosses. I hope you can do this. Good luck!

----- Updates -----
- Homing missiles are no longer target to the bullet.
- Shop bug fixed.


Very fun, simple, and engaging. Excellent game! The medals for beating the fourth and fifth bosses seem to be switched, but that's a minor complaint. :) Having a lot of fun with this one.

i like it that we can shoot and destroy the bullets of the enemies, but the last level is too hard for me. i have to use my bomb before i reach the boss...

I love this game to death!

Contratry to what someone else wrote this game is only beatable because of enemy bullets being shootable. The hitbox is too large to dodge everything, so it helps to have all weapons blasting the shots away. I didn't like the way missiles targeted the closest shootable object even if it was a bullet, but it definitely served its purpose in later levels.

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That was pretty fun. I'm kinda disappointed though, that wasn't difficult at all. I believe you tried to follow the steps of classic old-school shmup games like 1943, Gradius, Aero Fighters and such, but you missed the point of what made those games so hard and interesting to play, like the limited mobility, trade-offs and planning ahead factors.
The way your game is, there's not much to ponder. Difficulty increases just because there are more enemies to kill, but that doesn't make an interesting gameplay. You just upgrade your stuff, beat the enemies and save the bomb for the boss (which will pretty much kill almost every boss instantly). The bonus levels were pretty pointless too... (sadly, because boss rush challenges are a lot of fun, but then you put a sure-kill weapon there).
That being said, I might be one of those "real guys who like old style games", and it just seemed easy for me because I am very used to those diehard nerve-racking arcade/early console games. In any case I had fun, albeit honestly I was expecting more. :)

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4.04 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2013
5:22 PM EDT
Action - Other