Bullets Hurt

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When you play flash games, there are things that you probably appreciate; like sound effects, nice visuals, death animations, proper clipping, good music, story, score, different ship models to choose from, a sense of accomplishment from completion, incentive to keep playing, breaking bad references, originality, well thought out levels, long games, nicely drawn menus, games made by veteran developers, achievements, in depth tutorials, ranges of difficulty, challenging game play, glitch free game play, a fun game you want to share to other people, short lists, and fun.

I've got some bad news

P.S. clearly none of this is original, I'm just going through all the steps to make and publish my first game. any critique is welcomed. although you probably don't have enough space in the review text box to point out all the flaws.


Wowza. Okay, So this game is very simple, But it's potential is great. It was a little difficult, But not /too/ difficult so that it turns you off. The designs for the enemies were somehow appropriate, Along with your ship. There are only two things I'd add. Maybe make the player ship a little smaller? And add sound effects. With those two things, This could be a solid game.

Batterry responds:

Thanks for the acknowledgement about potential. The thing about the difficulty from my perspective was that I figured that I wasn't going to be able to get a perfect balance between too easy or too hard so I figured that harder was better than easier. The ships hit box is smaller than the animation. I think the bullets need to be shrunk to get that desired balance

The author comment is really honest, I'll give you that. The game is plain simple but a bit fun nevertheless, the enemies and bullets are complicated to avoid and create interesting patters, so that part is fun. Grabbing power ups is challenging as well, you can entertain yourself just moving around trying not to die. There is not much else to talk to. The boss is invulnerable? Having no feedback on wherever the enemy is being hurt is confusing.

The game is a work in progress, adding some of those improvements mentioned on the author's comments could really bring it up.

Batterry responds:

Hey I appreciate your acknowledgement of my comments. I know there are a lot of missing features, and to me this game was an experiment, I have never coded any game before and I wanted to push develop a lot of skills in a short amount of time, the shortness of the game is a side effect of my desire to slap the whole game together and have a working title with little or no glitches. That being said I do feel that is a bit unfair to anyone who stumbles upon this. Anyhoo I hope it isnt a waste of anyones time thats all

Decent game. It could use arrow key controls, better graphics (or at least some effects), sound, and music. It's an awesome start and a great challenge though.

Batterry responds:

Getting a lot of feedback, and i will definitely not forget about those keys in the future. as for better graphics. I cant sketch for my life, all of the drawing in the game is done through procedures and equations. Thanks for the positive review.

Actually, it's not bad. I do have some suggestions, tho:

- Use both the WASD keys and the arrow keys. That way, it's more comfortable for people to play. I'm having trouble with my left hand, and really could've benefoted from using hte arrow keys.

-Use the space bar to start/restart. It's easier than picking up the mouse and then going back to the keys to play.

-The power ups need to stay in longer. If it's a bullet hell game, often you just plain can't get to the side of the screen that the powerup is going to.

-Speed up the Game Over screen and let me play! Having the option to restart straight from the Game Over screen and bypassing the menu is a big help. Pressing space to restart is convenient.

Batterry responds:

you are absolutely correct on those arrow keys, some people like WASD and some people like the directions, I shouldn't have made people feel uncomfortable that way, plus its a very common feature. Space bar suggestion and speeding up the games non game play downtime makes a lot of sense, ill be sure to still have those animations, but make them easily skippable. as for the difficulty of the game, i knew it was a bit hectic, but I felt that having a game that was on the difficult side would mean more to the people who are looking for a challenge. It can be frustrating to get those upgrades and not be able to get them.

it's a simple game but it's good yet.Still need some work to put, but this game still has a great potential!

Batterry responds:

Hey Hey first review, thanks for the positive comments. I completely agree with it needs more work, It being my first game doesn't excuse those features everybody knows should be there.

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2.38 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2013
8:42 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight