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Travelogue (Demo)

rated 2.92 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Sep 15, 2013 | 3:58 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Play one of three distinct classes as you journey across the Midlands. In Travelogue, you can make your fortune in trade, become a famous mercenary, or uncover the lost secrets of the ancients hidden throughout the land.

This is a demo of the full game Travelogue, encompassing two of the six regions of the full game and the first four months of play. Save games are transferable to the full version.



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

This is a demo. Only submit complete games.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I really enjoyed the game for a bit, this kind of game is great. But after I went north from Subarat a few times the furniture store has popped up around 25 times. So everytime i travel there I have to click through the same event about 25 times, it's an obnoxious bug.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

I bought the full game and I'm writing a review of the full game.

I don't recommend buying it, it is full of bugs and crashes often. I don't think it is worth the money without some updates.

I like the story and how the main quest changes depending on if you are a scout, mercenary or merchant. I also like the random quests (could be more of those too) especially the village with only kids and elders. The trading system is great but I can't find a bow anywhere in the scenario I'm playing now, is this a bug too? I've found them easily in earlier scenarios I've played.

Great game, without the bugs and a bit more different random encounters (now I see the same stuff over and over again and that makes it boring after a while) it would be awesome.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

i can't rate the full game but while it lasted, i loved it. the music was splendid and fit the game. its nice how there are different scenarios that your character can get into and it was fun trying to keep out of any battles at all. it isn't heavily based around the combat but that's fine by me. games like this don't often let you make choices like this so it was quite unique. i loved the trading mechanic. the only issue i have with the game is that the graphics could have been a little better but that didn't even matter to me because i was too busy enjoying the game. i like that you are not forcing the players to buy the full game. there are just way too many game creators out there that force the players to buy the full version of the game by constantly reminding them that we should buy the full game. you have only mentioned buying the full game once (in the beginning of the game). anyway, great game, great gameplay, great music and overall great experience. i give this game 5 stars.
Woot!!! All my 5 R belong to this!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I like this kind of game, where you can develop a character, but this is not the first game of its kind. There are major problems with the coding. One was that furniture shops kept appearing on the way to Farport, instead of just one. The events in the game don't always appear smoothly, and my big gripe, you want us to buy a full version of a buggy game. How about you make a better demo, or better yet, make the full version available? Then we can give you an honest review of this game. It's not good enough to pay for, and the fact that the constant appearance of infinite wood shops on the way to Farpoint means that you spend days choosing to not go into woodshops just means that there's no reason to play it, really. You just end up wasting a lot of time in travel.
Also, the character artwork is awful. I like that there are paths and decisions, so just leave the full game out, free to play, and from advertizing, you'll make your money.