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The Tale of Max and Bobby

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I haven't made any new animation in a while, but here's something I made this week, animating the phone message of a kid making up a story about being sucked into a video game. Let me know what you think!

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This was epic! The monster was the best part! The part where the kids peed themselves was hilarious! If I were them, I would've just ate a growth pellet, drink some extra strength super power juice and go to a shoe store and buy some razor sharp cleats with steel spikes and crush the monster like a nut!

Uh.... What's with Rage Guy?

Interesting story. I like the twist in the end.

that's cool

This was a pretty good cartoon. True, for the most part, your other cartoons are better, but this is still nice. I could tell it was being told from the perspective of a kid. He could have better vocal cords. I do like how you reminded me of when I was little. The animation was pretty much as good as ever.

This seemed like an interesting experiment for you. I thought the main monster was pretty well designed. That was even kind of a nice twist at the end. Well, you didn't write this, the kid did. I appreciate how you wanted to do something nice for him.