Casual Dominoes

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Play a classic match of dominoes against the CPU. Go to CasualArena.com to play against other people and win points!


as the guy before me its a good working game, and lacks the luster of a front page game :P

its a good, fully functionly, working game but its missing that "thing" to make it a game on newgrounds and not something I can find on my ready-installed games on my computer, like solitaire, backgammon. I mean the idea is good but monotonous, its slightly boring and repetitious. you can add twists to your game to make it stand out and unique from all others make games here. you can maybe add explosion effects or something when a domino is set or when a domino is set, the whole screen rotates 90 degrees around with flashing lights everywhere or put in a timer so you have to react fast and the timer decreases every turn by 2-5 seconds with the most addicting music in the whole wide world. you can even instead of just battling with the CPU, you can even add differing characters with difficulties after each round and you can win and lose money after each round. these are just a few ideas when thinking how you can improve on your future games and also here's a tip, when thinking about ideas, stay up really late and I mean really really late so you get tonnes of ideas flowing or find tonnes of inspiration and jot down literally anything that comes to mind and boom! you got yourself ideas that wouldn't make any possible sense, add some of those notes and when placed together to create something unbelievably random, exciting and addicting. you can use the rest on some other projects you happen to think about coz im guessing your far from just finishing up on making games. if you do that then im more than certain you will get a bigger audience to play your games here on the best website in the entire universe!!!!! hope this has helped and im so tired so this comment may be interpreted as mad and insane for the human brain to handle and thanks for the game.

Solid game but i would recommend adding more zest to the game, maybe some music, unlockable backgrounds, and some small animations so everything isn't so boring.

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It's a fun way to kill time. I enjoyed how it was a way to play a classic game.

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2.72 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2013
11:18 AM EDT
Strategy - Other