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Jetpack Nemesis

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Made for Ludum Dare 27! You crashed on an unknown planet with 10 seconds between you and the Nemesis, the reaper of souls. Use your Jetpack to aid your survival for as long as possible.

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Great game considering that it was made in just a few days! The only problem i could find was that i couldnt play my custom maps

Aaants responds:

Thanks :)

Pressing C on the title screen will toggle between default and custom mode. Custom mode allows you to play your own maps but doesn't submit your score (it'd be too easy to cheat!)

It looked interesting, too bad there are instructions or controls.

To go along with the repetitive theme of the game with it have around 8 terrain patters, you managed to pick a song with very limited progress. Theres multiple moments in the song where you hear this repetitive tune then in comes the bass and youre thinking "ok, the music is building up... for... nothing..." and just goes back to its repetitive nature.

If you couldnt have more sample sizes, the least you wouldve done is a speed change or more projectile types.

Extremely repetitive due to a very small sample size of terrain patterns Passed the same gaps and ridges over and over in mere minutes. Also really needed an option to mute the music. Would recommend increasing the difficulty curve and perhaps adding in some more diverse elements earlier to allow for a more exciting game.

Aaants responds:

Hi. There's a few similar comments, so I'll leave one comment addressing what I can.

I'm sorry you're not enjoying (or you didn't enjoy) it and - although I'll bear the feedback in mind - I can't edit anything into the game unfortunately. It was made over 48 hours for a competition and it has to stay as it is so it can be judged fairly.

If anyone does fancy changing it or playing around with the code and levels, the source is all on my site (right click in game). Feel free to tamper with it for personal, offline use.

Other than that, all I can say is that all feedback is taken on board and I'll try to do better next time!

seems to be down, somehow only the highscores show up

Aaants responds:

There was a game-breaking bug (the Spanish comment made me curious) so it might have been down a second while I put the fixed version up.

Credits & Info

3.32 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2013
9:16 PM EDT