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Obama Crazy Escape

rated 2.95 / 5 stars
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Adventure - Point 'n Click

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Aug 7, 2013 | 3:30 PM EDT

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Obama it's trapped inside a dangerous and strange place. Help him escape!



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

it's completely impossible to pass the minotaur!!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A nice game to keep busy for a few hours. There are a couple of untranslated things here and there, but not bad enough to make the game any more confusing. And what's up with the old man named MS_English? Also wtf with the random Simpsons, Spongebob, Jigsaw characters... made no sense, you really like those shows huh guy? lol

Wrote a guide because I'm bored and I like this game.

***spoiler for those who don't want hints***
***spoiler for those who don't want hints***
-Pick up the controller and skateboard. Exit room to right.
-Pick up the feather hat, Pigsaw robot and arm remote control from the table. Exit room down.
-Place the Pigsaw robot on the red square. Push the red button on the wall. Control the Pigsaw remote control and move the robot away from the red square, but not over the dotted line. Stop controlling. Place the skateboard on the red square, push the red button. Control the Pigsaw remote control and pick up the skateboard. Place it on the X marker. Click the skateboard so that it hits Snake (the guy). Cross the dotted line. Pick up Snake and place him on the green square. Grab the bottle. Place the bottle on the red square, then Stop controlling. Push the red button.
Pick up the bottle. Leave the room.
-Go left to the room with the man and the well.
-Click the bottle with the well, and the Apache will talk to you. Give him the hat. Click the bottle with the well again so it's filled with water. Exit.
-Look carefully at the clock. The green hand points to the code numbers, and the yellow hand points to the position order for the numbers. Jot down the sequence of numbers the green hand points at, then do the sequence the yellow hand points at at the same time. Put the green number corresponding to yellow number 1 first, etc. until you finish the four numbers. Remember this code. Walk right next to the exit right room, but don't click the arrow to leave yet. Drink the water, then click the arrow.
-Quickly use the Metallic arm remote control. When the minotaur leaves, pick up the keyboard at the top right corner, then put it on the door lock next to the door on the left side of the room. Click the door lock, and enter the code. The door should close. Pick up the cat at the bottom right of the room and exit top.
-Pick up the blue carpet, the hole in the ground, the robot pet control, the pink paper on the wall, and the green blanket. Exit bottom.
-Exit right.
-Talk to the old guy, ask him why he's sad, then give him the cat. Give him the paper, and he'll make a paper plane for you. Pick up the hook thing next to him. Exit down.
-Pick up the robot poodle dog. Exit left.
-Place the blue carpet on the dotted rectangle. Get on it. Go up, then left.
-Don't go down! Just place the hole on the X marked spot, then place the green blanket on top of that. Go right.
-Go down, and get off. Place the robot dog on the X on the left side of the screen. Use the robot pet control. Exit left as the dog.
-Walk over the covered hole, so that the zombie dog will follow you and fall in. Obama will automatically take control and walk in. Pick up the hole. Pick up the bucket and ladder. Exit right.
-Exit down.
-Place the ladder on the middle tree. Climb up it, then use the hook thing to grab the liana. When Obama reaches the height of his swing, click on the paper plane and hopefully he will reach the other side. If you do it too low he will fall into the river, but no big issue just try again. Pick up the rope, handsaw, oar and seed. Use the saw on the tree. Add the rope to the wood in your inventory to make a raft. Put the raft in the river. Click the oar on Obama to row to the other side. Pick up the bowling ball. Use the raft to go back to the right and exit right.
-Pick up the fish bowl. Exit left.
-Click the fish bowl on the river, so that he throws it in. Use the bucket on the river to fill with water. Exit right.
-Click the ogre, then click the fist.
-Put the seed in the pot, then put the water in the pot. Climb the plant, then throw the bowling ball off to the right. Get down.
-Exit right.
-Put the hole on the left dotted circle. Click the hole, then click the Eye. Grab the soda bottle. Click the hole, then click the fist. Put it on the right dotted circle. Click the hole then click the eye. Place the soda next to the man. Push the red button on the left wall. Pick up the yellow coin on the bottom right corner. Exit top.
-Exit right.
-Put the coin in the computer.
-There are probably many ways to do this part, but I'll just write the ways that worked best for me. Pause and study the game board before acting if you need to. Also know that the two cannot ever be on the same block.
Level 1: Use the safe block on the block to the left of Bart. Get Spongebob to his cell without killing him, then press Ctrl and get Bart to his cell.
Level 2: Use the safe block on the block right above Bart's cell. Press Ctrl and get Spongebob to his cell, then press Ctrl again and put Bart in his cell.
Level 3: Use the safe block on the block to the right of Spongebob's cell. Move Bart up one block. Press Ctrl and move Spongebob to his cell. Press Ctrl and move Bart back down, then to the right and around counterclockwise to his cell. Be quick, you only get 15 seconds.
Level 4: Use the safe block on the block to the right of Spongebob's cell and right under Bart's cell. Get Bart to his cell, then press Ctrl and get Spongebob to his.

Hope this helped if you were stuck.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

With no clues, A clock giving odd times/numbers..I couldn't give this a rating at all. This game is far worse than the other 'pigface' games I've played on here with bart simpson as the player. I simply couldn't get past the clock part as it ends up being the code in the next room after drinking the ' look ma imma ghost' water..watched the walkthrough to find out about that. If the clock wasn't an issue for this game, then I can see alot of people enjoying it


Rated 0 / 5 stars

lame door codes is lagging up


Rated 5 / 5 stars

shut up he is not dick good game