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Sonic vs Shadow Part 1

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Author Comments

Oh yeah , this flash sucks , Heeeeel yeah

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Sorry, but I had to dock some points for the overall introduction of the storyline and the overall plot I saw so far. The animation style wasn't too bad, but it has some work to be done if you really want this flash to stand out from the other Sonic vs. Shadow battle videos. You might consider going where none of the other artists have gone and take a look at the Archie Comics for Sonic and see what the final version of Sonic and Shadow looks like and then somehow cross the time in mid battle to where they are battling in their future forms due to some kind of flux in the chaos energy*cough*. The first episode may have started off a bit weak, but you really need to do something that will throw off the views and get their attention, even if it's just a lasercat battle in mid with chris turning into a giant chicken and getting fried. >.> You need to throw some kind of comedy in there or something, it really lost the atmosphere of a serious battle. I can see you have the skills to animate the sprites and add effects, but your storyline isn't going to pay the bills, sorry. :( I'm just trying to give you a few examples as to what kind of randomness you can throw in there. I really do see potential in a lot of the submissions that come to newgrounds on a daily basis, but sometimes artists just need that "push" to become that much better at what they are doing.

BuchonlxD responds:


The preloader was the best part.
Seriously, we got too many of these... If you want to make your own, you should at least try to make it somewhat more interesting than the others.

BuchonlxD responds:

Agreed , cuz this was when I was just a beginer And I know this sucks

Nice work it will be awesome if backround will belittle better ,voices were good too it was kinda quick and nonunderstandable ending and start of fight but it was for a while interesting.

BuchonlxD responds:

This is not work , is dog poop , and I know is mine , but it's so old , this was my 2nd animation so as you can see , I were bad as hell

This is very good, it has very good animation and the story is great.

BuchonlxD responds:

This is shit , and don't have story so I don't know why you say that after all , just thanks

it would have been better if you could think of another way of presenting the dialogue.

BuchonlxD responds:

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