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Star Temple TD Demo

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Star Temple TD is an intense sci-fi tower defense game, having unique physics, and strong graphics.

-Read the in-game help for a quick guide of gameplay concepts, and controls.

-The game has no natural break between waves, ships will continuously come at you. But you can pause the game at any given time, issuing orders while the game is paused. This is a feature to enable you to micromanage without time constraints.

-Please bear in mind, that this is a demo version only. It is intended to be hard. When playing the full version, you will receive Achievements, which will increase your damage output.

-Full version is played in the game's website, storing all your scores and data on the server, accessible from everywhere.

-the Kinetic Resistance attribute of ships (as asked in one of the reviews) is the ships' resistance to being pushed around by missiles and projectiles.


Again good graphics and I figured out the physics and environment help you live a little longer, but with so little money coming in, no base repairs, turret upgrades that are too expensive, and no income enhancements. Looks like its off to their website for the full version.

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i love tower defense games so much

Look, the graphics are great, and the drifting enemies was a good idea, but the too low money gain combined with rapidly increasing enemy strength, the difficult to read game text, the lack of wave differentiation, or any obvious way of repairing the base really hurt the game. What is kinetic resistance? is it immune to towers and missiles? The same sort of question applies to nearly everything in the game, and the game is too punishing to allow experimentation. Lack of obvious breaks between waves made the game feel monotonous.

I know it's a demo, but it wasn't any fun, and what's worse is that all the problems were in the numbers, while everything else was great. If everything was worth twice as much, or buying upgrades and medium or heavy towers was economically feasible, then it would be a pretty good game.

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Enterprise-E responds:

Hello! I tried to explain some of your concerns in an updated description. Thanks for playing.

would be great if it wasn't so hard, couldn't get past level 22.

I love it! The graphics, level design and enemy AI were awesome!

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3.00 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2013
11:17 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense