DBZ: Goku Gets a Package

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You don't need any "Battle of the Gods"(well, you probably do). You need to know: "what does Goku do when he's not playing Kamehameha or Spirit Bomb catch in the back yard? What, when he isn't searching out the four star dragonball for his mantle, does he DO?" Let me answer that with another question. Do you like thinly veiled genital humor? Do you like the same thinly veiled gamete humor repeated like a rowers drum until you wonder: "surely, there must be some greater meaning to all this? What, if not, would my life mean in this maelstrom of confused experience?" Such thoughts are good, but, for now, relax. Gently, let these images douse your inner skull like droplets from the nose of a watering can on the supple leaves of a thirsty plant.

You read all that? Cool.


What's in the package?

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EyelashSnail responds:

Knowing Goku? ... God only knows O.o

yea it is funny

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TO... MANY... NOUNS!!!!! Heh It was funny, although while i can see why you had to over use the word "Package" I don't see why you had the characters repeatedly call each other by name. Other than that it was pretty funny, though 'm not sure If I find Gokus voice funny, annoying, of terrifying...

normally i would give claymation and action figure movies zeros but this was fucking funny. i love dbz and sexual innuendos so you get a get out of jail pass. robot chicken look out! 5/5

This is garbage. It's just a bunch of DBZ action figures with lame jokes. There's not even any stop motion animation, it's just a fucking slideshow with obnoxious voice acting.

Is this what anti-humor is supposed to be like it? It sure is unfunny enough to qualify.

Bring 12 Oz Mouse back.

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2.47 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2013
10:03 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody