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The Peacekeeper

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In a distant-near future where Global Peace is attained, perceptions of reality can become muddled.
Berzerk Studio presents their rendition of a peaceful utopia. play as the Peacekeeper and promote peace and morality through any mean necessary.

Update 1.02.
-The gang should should no longer try to flip the proverbial table at wave 80.
-Reduced the cost of the last upgrades and doubled the effect on the later backback upgrades.
-Fixed a bug where Frank would make culturally insensitive comments, he's been warned against such behavior and is on thin ice.

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it´s cool but newgrounds player aint working with it. or is it just me?

wow so much peace

EDIT: Coming back to this comment, 4 or so hours and I just completed 200 and something rounds. And I still haven't gotten bored, this game is amazing, the fact that its a 2013 game and its still something so incredibly entertaining is awesome. If I could give this more stars I could. Well done BerzerkStudio.

I made it to level 115 haha, before the lag made it impossible to move.

God forbid frank say something culturally insensitive while pacifying people's heads off.

Does anyone else find that wierd? That violence is okay because it's "just a game", but that "insensitive comments" are too far :P.

Amazing game, brings me back memories. The problem when reaching waves near the 100s, things get pretty stupid and unless you have maxed out everything, you stand little to no chance simply because you cant do much damage to the enemy.

Even with everything maxed out, because the game slowly increases the enemies HP, there will come a point where your bullets will do nothing to stop the enemy. Grenades become useless too quickly simply because they are too expensive for what they are worth and stop being useful (Except for dealing with riot shields at low HP). Even at waves 100+ grenades only do so much as tickle the enemy. A simple fix is just to make them deal damage by % of their max HP and at level 10, should just 1 shot enemies with the exception of bosses.

To reach high waves, I rushed the backpack upgrades in the main campaign and made sure to finish as many levels at 100% HP as possible then focused on trying to balance upgrades while saving for level 10 upgrades for maxed backpack. I managed to finish maxing my gear at wave 115.

Currently stuck at wave 125 simply because the game sends a massive wave with enemies able to tank 3-5 volleys of max damage spread shot blasts, each, with at least 5 huggers being able to tank an insane amount of damage for being suicide bombers and way too many enemies able to attack you in cover.

I like the game but why is the level not progressing? I beat the first level but there is no Continue appearing and I can't get the 10/10 Soldiers Killed medal.