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Tub Troopers

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Made for Newgrounds Game Jam 9: Screenshots. The bathtub is beset by evil ducks. It's up to you to stop them!

Spawn units by using the number keys 1-4. Advance to the evil ducks' base and wreck it!

So we made this in about a week and a half for the jam and subsequently learned how difficult it was to program an RTS -- even a minimal one -- in a short amount of time. Constructive feedback is highly appreciated.

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I love this music :)

great game great music and overall funny but turrents in game wouldev been nice but still great game looking forwood to number 2

Very impressive for the amount of time that was given. I have a couple of gripes like slightly awkward control and the music getting annoying after a while, but otherwise the aesthetic is nice and colourful without being obnoxious and everything else is done quite well.

Fucking brilliant. Who knew that of all the things that could turn into a RTS game ducks would be so hilariously fun. Plus the sound effects and chiptune sound very "real" (for lack of a better term) without becoming obnoxious. Probably the best thing I've seen in today's little adventure to the Under Judgement section.

Love the music and sound effects! The defeat squeak was very sad and agonizing. The level music is a little melancholic. It made me less inclined to fight but instead ponder why such an endless war between two duck factions is being fought.

The art is great, very unique color palette.

The game is a little too easy, I just kept building those captain duck things and steam-roll to victory. The controls are a little awkward: units get deselected after action, number keys to build instead of just clicking on icon.

Overall, props to making an rts for such a short amount of time, considering rts to be a very technical genre to create!

Yngar responds:

Thanks for the review! I just added the ability to click to spawn ducks.