Circle Adventure

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[you may get a white screen, its not broken,The preloader just isn't working right, it will load you game, just not display the bar, so please, be patient]

Made for NewGrounds Jam 9 : Screenshots you want to play

Inspired by Shape Adventures by Izzy-A

A circle falls from the sky, has no idea who he is or where hes from. Follow his quest to get home

Control : arrows to move and Z to talk to people and read to signs. Everything else is explained on signs or by people

+ and - to control volume.

The aim of the game is to get to the circle kingdom, which is inaccessable at the beginning. Through some item trading you can get some weapons and skills that will let you traverse the dungeons.Listen to people, the will let you know what they want.

My first As3 ,flixel and FlashDevelop game. Usually I'd use stencyl for flash jams, but I wanted to get my hands dirty with the code, being a c#/c++ developer.I did not only the code, but the art too. THAT WAS A GOOD DECISION o______o

I got a newfound respect for all the artsy people in this jam. ART IS SO HARD. I missed having an artist to poke and exchange food for art like in the Global Games Jam.

Anywho, have fun


where is achievements?!

I liked it. just a nice, short, tie wasting game

It was good and all, but the boomerang feels kinda glitchy and it goes crazy at times. It got stuck to the circle once for a while when it came back after I threw it.

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Pretty cool rpg game! You manage to put some personality to these shapes, they were anything but... *puts shades on*...square!

Just small minor gripes: the controls were a little awkward, you press Z to interact, but X to continue the dialog (why not just keep it at Z), inventory is way out there, might as well be next to the other buttons.

Overall I enjoyed playing this game, mad props for getting it complete and solo to boot!

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Seppyb63 responds:

Thanks man, thats what i was going for, trying to make a somewhat vibrant world, using only shapes :D.

Ahm, i made the X to progress because of the pokemon centers, i knew some people would mash, so i made it a different button so you dont accidentally trigger the conversation again at the end.

Thanks again :D

i played the whole game and i must say i had fun the whole time playing it i really liked it alot and i have added you to my faves hope you'll make another game very soon :D

Seppyb63 responds:

Thanks Hessel , really glad you liked it :D
I will hopefully be working on another game pretty soon :D

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3.16 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2013
6:06 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG