I Hate Candy

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Colorful and dynamic game about rescuing the fellow scientists from the alien planet.
Arrows to move, space bar to shoot, Ctrl to change weapon, eyes and ears to enjoy :)


weapon overheat is stupid
you mix lovely beards and creepy heroe, wtf?
too sucky

No redeeming qualities, the music/sound effects didn't go with the game at all. the early gun upgrades didn't necessarily help you kill your enemy's faster, the enemy AI was bad, the straight line trajectory of all the bullets/candy/whatever else was odd, didn't have that fun new-grounds feel that you expect for something on the front page. also the plot was really weird, they trap your friend in a thin candy cage thing, but they try to kill you... with candy... while talking about how they love you and you are their friend, and when you win he gets trapped again? And finally the controls were decent at best, a tutorial would've been nice instead of pictures that you have to click through that aren't 100% self explanatory, I mean at least put a caption at the bottom that explains what your trying to say with each picture. TL:DR, You might enjoy this if either you are ten or you enjoy mediocre-at-best-looks-like-it-took-2 4-hours-to-make-bot-kill-run-n-gun style games. 0/5

What is this I don't even...

The best part about this game is - by far - the intro. The game starts with a really weird "these are the controlls" screen (why bother depicting a whole keyboard? we all know where the arrowkeys and esc and s***e are located on ours) and then it doesn't get any better. I was in the third... urgh level? I guess you'd call it, before I noticed that I could hang of walls, and oh hey those weird thingies are probably signs. Wait what signs - I do see no popup, then I have to interact... can you interact? Can you look up the controlls scheme? Dunno - didn't bother to check.

The whole music/graphics/sounds mix was just - weird. I mean, this IS newgrounds allright, weird is this sites forte - but usually is entertaining weird.

This side has way better examples of side scrolling platforming - many. Heck, I've seen aprils fools that probably had more time invested...

Another terrible, buggy game from So Good.com on the front page? Did they buy Newgrounds while no one was looking or something? The quality of games on the front page has been abysmal lately and this is no exception.

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3.10 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2013
5:28 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun