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Stars, Rabbit and Basket

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Collect 15 stars. 5 Points

Collect 15 stars.

Buy 3 magic butterflies. 10 Points

Buy 3 magic butterflies.

Collect 5 red stars in a row. 25 Points

Collect 5 red stars in a row.

Dig 10 holes. 50 Points

Dig 10 holes.

Complete 20 baskets. 100 Points

Complete 20 baskets.

Author Comments

Find the stars that have fallen from the sky. Eat carrots to upgrade your abilities in this cute hide and seek adventure game.

1. Hold mouse button down to move.
2. Walk up to a star and click it to collect.
3. Stars can be deposited back to the basket.

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To dig, press space!!!

I just had to take a wild guess, since I couldn't find the instructions for it anywhere. Very nive little game otherwise though.

I am having a hard time trying to dig and tunnel, I have them maxed out upgraded

what the hell


This actual a very nice game for kids qho wish to familiarize with a computer. Or a smartphone ?
I am not sure what you had in mind when you made it but here are my advices. I would love to get feedback. Anyway :
- When you start a game, the button "continue" may be on the top. It is more positive to highlight the "play" button than "quit" ;) it should be "Continue" "Restart" "Quit" (not the reverse)
- You should use both way to move. 1 clic and the bunny is going to this point and the actual system (hold button)
- Make sens to what happend to the bunny. Like if you walk on something hot, write a message (which will not force to clic like "ok" or "continue" for validate the message. This is good for kids.
- Do not force to walk on "things" which hurt the bunny. This is just scary and not good for kids
- Options after completesshould have their description just by hovering with the mouse, no need to click
- don't stop movements after pick up a start, thats make it annoying ! (and chicken don't so...)
- say how to dig (or you did, but I couldn't saw it easy, so need to improve it !)

And thats all. The idea is good,

Although certain parts of the game were cute and wonderful, much of the game was lacking. The fact that you need to be directly touching an object to interact with it feels unnatural. Also, if you click on an object from too far away or hold down the mouse button over a too-far-away object, the character stops moving which also seems very unnatural.
The music is set on a loop and, given the situation, doesn't really fit with the tone of the game. The game takes place in a forest, so a classical music piece highlighting the xylophone would probably work best.
The clay characters are very cute and well done. The overall scenery is also cute and well done, but the trail animation when the character is walking doesn't really match the scenery. The trail animation that you used is commonly used for puddles or other shallow water sources. The bunny in the game is walking in, what I assume is, grass. In this case, the best thing to do would probably be no trail animation.
Gameplay seems almost too easy and unoriginal. Stars aren't really "hidden", so they're easy to find. Many search-and-rescue games already exist. Granted, most of them don't have the character choose only a few individuals to bring back to the base/basket, but that's because there's a lack of motive to only bring back a handful of individuals.