Haven: Prelude

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Lead the Darkstar fleet through the dawn of the Second Rebellion War in this epic RTS. Command your fleet, upgrade your ships, and prepare them for the final confrontation as you crush your foes.

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Fun, but needs more story. Also, a random bug: I picked up the Veloz, upgraded drive and all, by playing the campaign through the second time. I had the ship as soon as the first mission ended.

Easily one of the greatest games I've played on this site. The style of the game makes it easy to get the hang of and make the game a beautifully made game.

really awesome game, enjoyed it very much. maybe you could have added a way to re-do previous missions or additional repeat-missions, possibly with increasing difficulty, for earning more neoalloy, but that wasn't really neccessary, since the ships are repaired overtime when you keep them out of battle. would just have been nice since i'm an upgrade-freak and love to max out everything before finishing. :P
however one question: since it's called "prelude" will there be more games of this kind and a continuing story? i really hope so, lol

Really properly fun game. Even just playing on Medium I found it quite challenging. I could get to the last 2 levels without losing any ships but at that point I had to sacrifice 2-3 to win. I love that it required that amount of strategy though. And I had to adjust the way I was playing as I went along... and met different enemies.

Graphics were awesome. But the game has room for improvement also. I really hope you make another one of these.

This game if for people with patience

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3.96 / 5.00

May 20, 2013
5:23 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)