Anger on the Street

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Thanks 4 Play Medal 5 Points

Just Play Anger on the Street

Carebarro Medal 25 Points

win first 4 levels

Choricero Medal 25 Points

Found the Choricero Sculpture

JuanSantaMaria Medal 25 Points

Found Juan Santa Maria Sculpture

Peaje Medal 25 Points

Found the Peaje

Trabajador Medal 25 Points

Found the Worker Sculpture

Bacteria Medal 50 Points

Found the Green Bacteria before it goes

Bayle Medal 50 Points

win first 8 levels

DesCastro Medal 50 Points

Found Castro the Pooper leader

Colera Medal 100 Points

Win all levels

Author Comments

Angry Birds parody game
Some politicians poops over the highways, people get angry on the street
Fun and Colourful hand made graphycs


not that easy to play and im not a big fan of angry birds or shit.. i mean poop

I don't like angry birds but I did like this game.

Angry birds is a dumb, commercial, phone, pay to win, game with constant ads. While I do like birds better then pigs I do not feel to emotionally involved in that struggle and I don't find the characters of that game worthwhile of fallowing.

In this game however, the struggle is something that I can find meaning to. I don't know shit about Costa Rican politics, but wealthy politicians becoming corrupt and spending taxpayer money on useless luxuries like golden closets is something that from time to time resurfaces in many countries and most people can get behind the feeling of throwing a slingshot at these fat guys and dethroning them from their golden closets. The humor and plot of this game is golden and I appreciated that. Hitting a fat corrupt politician feels more satisfying than hitting a pig.

I appreciate also the small educational component of this game, like learning a bit about famous CostaRican landmarks. The medals player gets for hitting them is appreciated.

The game also has some flaws. I would like for the screen to be scrollable so player could research the level and then aim accordingly. There is little practical use of that because you learn from previous unsuccessful attempts, but still.

And the only aspect where the angry birds does have upper hand is that it has special birds and special attacks, making the game-play more complex. But due to this game being short browser game, it doesn't come to the point where shooting the same basic type of missile becomes boring.

A good, funny, artistic and geographically educating game with a point.

Wait, why toilets?

This game, just like many of your others are filled with bugs, they're also terrible Ideas. Please, PLEASE stop making terrible games. Just because you can make a game, don't make a bunch of trash, make something good.

Munguia responds:

thanks for play and comment, your are a NOT GAME MAKER , you canĀ“t even make bugs, please start to make games, and please make somenthing to save your self of been a troll, been jealousy its not healthy, then write me back, a really fat man cant say to a just fat man to start a diet, look to your self

2.5/5 Stars.
I mean, don't get me wrong I LOVE angry birds, however in this particular parody of it you can't see where the enemies are on a long map. ( I.E lvl 2 ._. ) So, then it just takes over 9 minutes just to learn where all the enemies are, how to aim, and finally hatch a plan to beat the level. It has great potential, just some minor ( slightly major ) wrongs and do-overs needed in some spots.
I would love to play this again if you fixed some bugs and scrolling, and hopefully able to write a new review. ( Likely not though xD ) Also, thanks for the free badge. I appreciate it.
-Madness Out.

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Credits & Info

2.68 / 5.00

May 17, 2013
8:05 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight