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Daeblo Episode 1

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A Little Off The Top 25 Points

Have your head decapitated.

Bad Parenting 25 Points

Leave your zombie with a sex offender.

Deity Food 25 Points

Get eaten by Krathulah.

Hide N' Seek 25 Points

Find theSurgeon.

Knowledge From Another Life 25 Points

Use a code/pass phrase without learning it in-game.

Necromancer 25 Points

Summon the dead back to life.

Necrophile 25 Points

Get clarification.

Worm Food 25 Points

Feed the worm a zombie.

Beef Cake 50 Points

Inject yourself with roids.

Let There Be Light 50 Points

Obtain a better view of the area.

Can't Touch This 100 Points

Don't suffer a single death.

Prince Of The Universe 100 Points

Complete the entire game.

Author Comments

Stick around after the credits to submit your highscore!
My Website: http://scuddlecon.com/
Faceboook: http://www.facebook.com/s cuddles

The gateway between the world of the living and hell was destroyed. Hundreds of years have passed and the world has become a desolate wasteland inhabited by freaks, demons, and lawless deviants. The land is forever covered in a shroud of darkness.

However, one location retains it's beauty and safety. Ironically, the inner walls of Hell. Only the lucky few can gain entrance. Under the direct rule of the Dark Lord himself, law is strictly enforced, whereas anything goes on the other side.

Assume the role of Daeblo, a young demon in this point and click adventure as he attempts to gain entrance into Hell's Gates using the powers of persuasion and trades.

----------How To Play----------

- Navigate Daeblo by clicking on the location you wish to travel to.

- Open your inventory by pressing Space Bar. Close it the same way.

- Use Items by clicking on them in your inventory and selecting "Use" on the right side of the Inventory menu. NOTE: Items can only be used at their appropriate time. To give them to characters in game, you will need to be talk to them again after their dialogue finishes, then open your inventory and select use. You can only give them items they want/asked for. Other items can be used by hitting Use when you're in the appropriate area.

- To pick up items on the floor, simply click on their exact location. If it is an obtainable item, Daeblo will bend over to pick it up.

- To move between areas, click on the white arrows when they're present.

- When you have a zombie with you, click on him to toggle between having him follow you and staying still. You can only have 1 zombie at a time. NOTE: Zombies you leave in other areas still count. They will need to be killed in some way in order for you to summon a new one.


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I was thinking whether I should let go, or write some words.

I would love to know your thought process, when you put the mines near the white arrows.
I would love to see you "testing" the game, considering that the player gets glitched, when he picks up a match, or pentagram.
Imagine how lovely it is to play the game, get near the end, only to randomly be transported to inside the worm, and of course getting an instant damage. Imagine wanting to leave that worm, only to get punched by a mine outside.

I would love to see you beat this game under two minutes, like you said yourself in one of the comments. There are many game developers, who care about what they do to the point that I am in deep awe. They care about the game that they make, and they thrive for the best.

Not you. You put half-assed made games, with tons of bugs, glitches, with an art style swiped from more talented creators. You never improved, quite the opposite. All your games are like this one. A cancer.

Writing bitter reviews is a foul thing to do. They always leave an awful taste in mouth.
But I'm not writing it for you, because you are not worth my time. This is a warning for those, who want to venture into this shit.

Beware! This game will make you feel really furious.

scuddle responds:

That was beautiful. Thank you.

It a descent game I can get into, but I notice that when I play its heat up my laptop as if it a hotplate dinner , and that saying something compared to other Games that are at least more in depth and thus need more resource to function properly (though it could still damage the user device).

cancer game

If I click on a location to move to my character will not move directly there, but instead take a stupid path to get there that leads through a land mine

... I like the visuals, but it makes it hard to navigate, and frankly, every time I try to click, he doesn't move on the first try. fifteenth, maybe. ouch?

Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

May 15, 2013
10:04 PM EDT