Agent Sky

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Your mission is to enter the enemy zone. Blow up all the enemies and find the exit path. Search and unlock secret weapons to use them. Watch your health bar.

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It was ok I couldn't even get past the second level, then again I didn't really try. Good story line and plot, but I would recommend that you improve the health and the bullet speed, Great game!

Not bad. Not too bad at all. To me, Its fairly challenging. The sound is pretty good, and the gameplay is Above Average. I do enjoy finding the different weapons as the levels progress. My only criticisms are:

1. The grammar. The conversations are in broken English, I don't mean to offend, but the grammar feels like either a 10 year old did it, or someone who just recently learned English.

2. The lack of difference in the guns. Whenever I pick up a new gun, it feels like I just have a different version of the previous. Most of the time, they can fire faster, but even with a SMG, the all have Semi-Auto. If you were to give some of the guns different abilities like Burst Fire or Full Auto, that would make it more detailed.

Other then that, its pretty fun. A good time killer.

opening artwork is not of the greatest quality, but is not detrimental to the game. Grammar is something which I feel is a necessity in player dialog unless its mis-use is used as a way to indicate a characters ignorance.

gameplay is restricted due to an inability to use two directional buttons on the w,a,s,d interface. Whilst a semi-automatic firing system may have of been the intent, a full-auto function would benefit those of us without rapid fire fingers. The ability to switch weapons, view weapon difference, or an indication of new weapon activation would be an improvement.

The graphics are good, but the gameplay just seems slow and uninteresting. It is also annoying to not be able to move diagonally. Decent game.

The game is not bad. But there is a huge problem with the gameplay, you should review the physics and make it more easy to control. Also, some problems with the resolution of graphics, it is not unbearable, but it's neither beautiful.
A few more revisions on the game and it should be great!
Nice work.

Credits & Info

2.90 / 5.00

May 8, 2013
6:00 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed