Legend of Male Guardian

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This is my entry for the NATA 2013 Opening round.

33,000 years ago... after decades of strife and suffering, a hero finally rises to the challenge of slaying Space Earth's deadliest tyrant, Lord Vile. This Hero was born of king's blood, and so fate has guided his hand to this climactic day. And in his victory, a new Holiday is born so that we may never forget the triumphs of this Hero, and Male Guardians like him.

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Well, as a person that can’t draw, I saw this was magnificent! I see where someone said to work on the drawing a bit, and I might agree, but I’m gonna leave it all to time and patience as you’ll be doing artwork for my favorite comics or even animated movies in the future. Hell, if I had money, I’d do the writing, and you’d do the animating and we build an empire! This was amazing! Would love to work with you someday. ❤️❤️❤️

Nice story... reminds me the classical epic hero's tale. Good work!

For the graphics you used vector?

suprofound responds:


Nice animation! Good voice acting and sound effect usage. The punchline was pretty good too, and I must say I expect good things from you in the future. Music fit the scenes really well too.

suprofound responds:

Thanks for the comment, I hope I can live up to the expectation.

Pretty good. I like your ideas. Work on your animations a bit, just draw more in your spare time. The sound quality is.. good but not good. You have good background music and you know how to convey scenes very well. However, the background music is over powering the voice acting. Lower the volume (smoothly) when they talk and possibly add subtitles.
You're scene transition was a pretty dramatic one. Don't just snap to black, try the fade effect. Helps tremendously for long pauses like that.
Since this was a team effort I'll split up my scores.
Artist: 5 out of 10. Just draw more and talent will naturally come.
Music: 8 out of 10. You know what the audience wants and what the scene needs. However, you have to lower the volume if there is important dialog that the characters need to say.
Voice Actor: 7 out of 10. You were pretty good as the dad and lizard. Good variation between the two. The hero needs a some work and the baby sounds like a teen and not very baby like ya know.
Overall I'll give this a 3.5 out of five. I understood what you wanted to convey but you guys gotta sharpen your skills.

suprofound responds:

Thanks fro the comment, I always appreciate honest criticism. And I agree, I do need to hone my skills. Thats one of the reasons I entered NATA, to force myself to work.

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4.03 / 5.00

May 5, 2013
11:14 AM EDT
Comedy - Original