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Orb Knight

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***Please Read***

My First HTML5 Game made for a programming class.

J - Action
K - Switch Weapon

Protip: If you're having trouble, you should try playing in another window (top right button in NG) :wink: :wink:

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but....but....I as trying to get the red sword thingy! NOO I can’t be dead! Where’d my puppy go? This is a very interesting game.....
my puppy....

You should include a way to save your game. The controls need work, and improve the graphics.

That was well made I really like the dogg. I couldn't figure out how to beat the with.

The game as a whole has potential but the framework needs some changes, especially the weird controls (j+k keys).

1. Diagonal movement looks like it's sqrt2 times faster than regular movement.

2. In my browser (chrome), there's this weird white frame around the game with an awkward fps meter in the upper left with the title of the game, I don't think that these are necessary.

3. The UI needs some work, you should be able to advance dialogue through mouse clicking or pressing any key. Some directional text would be nice too ("Follow the paths").

4. The controls should allow for some options, eg. press left mouse to attack, press spacebar to attack, use arrow keys to move, etc.

5. A save state would be nice. Even if you intend the game to be played with only one life, at least add a restart button (hitting f5 isn't really a restart).

6. Animations/art don't really matter if the game is fun, they are good enough as is IMO.

First rule of web : test it in more than just one browser.
Rule of gaming : some explanations on skipping texts could be great.