Millie Megavolte 7

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Agony Avoided 25 Points

Find all three Mana Cores in Agony Valley.

Murmur Master 25 Points

Find all three Mana Cores in Murmur Marsh.

Petal Passed 25 Points

Find all three Mana Cores in Petal Pass.

Well Dressed 25 Points

Own every costume. Lookin' good!

Dervish 50 Points

Defeat the Buzzfairy in two slams or less.

Duelist 50 Points

Defeat the Water Gel Knight without taking damage.

Golden Flower 50 Points

Collect all 222 coins in Petal Pass in one run.

Hot Booty 50 Points

Collect all 268 coins in Agony Valley in one run.

Pocket Fisherman 50 Points

Collect all 250 coins in Murmur Marsh in one run.

Sure-Footed 50 Points

Defeat Narcure without falling into the spikes.

Completionist 100 Points

Get every other medal and beat the game for 100% completion.

Author Comments

Another day, another annoyance. Narcure the Shadow Mage has picked a fight with Millie and won't go away until he gets it. Slaughter your way through the most dangerous parts of Terna Island to shut that asshole up.

-Buy cosmetics in the Items panel (mouse over "Options") with coins you collect
-Pause with "P"
-You can rebind keys to whatever the hell crazy layout you want
-Jump while running up slopes to jump super-high
-Scaling the game may hurt performance


good game

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Awesome! The speed, the hardness, loved everything!

This game is fucking hard. That first boss took me forever. But I like this game and the controls take some getting used to and when you do the game is pretty fun. That being said I can't get past the second level only because I suck. Also i couldn't figure out how to do the spin jump.

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Why people design controls so that jump is NOT the up or W button, I will never know. Also..I long for the day when game designers finally relaize that it is not 2004 anymore and wall jumping is just plain stupid and NOT fun.

Myroid responds:

You know what else isn't fun? You being alive. Get on fixing that.

im pritty sure this is sonic

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Credits & Info

4.13 / 5.00

May 3, 2013
8:13 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other