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the naughty hermit

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this video was originally in my youtube channel. i upload it here so anybody can view . please forgive me for the quality . its a very old video

by pinoytoons
creator/animator/editor/d irector/writer

https://www.youtube.com/u ser/pinoytoons/videos

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At first I thought that it was going to have nude women in it. Hence the name.

haha i have seen this before on yotube and i like it a lot,tnx

That guy looks just like you, I bet he's the incarnation of the real YOU!
And this movie describes your earlier life, how you have been a good dude, but no one has shown an interest on what you were doing. Then, you decided to change your life, so you found relaxation in the evil side :D
You started making whatever comes to your head ignoring any ******* law.
I hope that monster doesn't take control over you in the upcoming days...
The animation were smooth, I hope you share with us how you animate. Man, do some tutorials on your youtube channel on animation not drawing.

pinoytoons responds:

i'm planning to work on a book for that character . he is my counter part . atm, i'm producing a short hentai movie . when i'm free i will make a tut how i do my animation . tnx for the review :D

That was AWESOME. Really masterful. The natural movements, the expression, great work man.

Nice work man! you're a very talented animator.
Hope to see some more of these.

pinoytoons responds:

tnx. i will upload more . so stay tuned :D