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H&G: A New Holiday

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It's finally here! My NATA 2013 Open Round entrry. This monstrocity took me an entire month to make and also forced me to go through a sleep deprivation, driving me insane. It's basically a story about two crumbakistanian dudes - Henry and Gheorghe, who one day decide to spend the holiday like never before. I know, there's a lot of animation mistakes, continuity errors and audio inconsistencies. I just didn't have enough time to fix them. Thanks to Ry... i mean... Chongo for doing the voice of the news anchor.
I't also interesting to note, that Adobe Flash 8 didn't crash ONCE during the production. It was incredibly freezy, though.

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Looks like eddsworld

CzySzy responds:

thanks, this was made during the first Eddsworld boom