Naruto Vampy Seven Part 2

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The stunning season finale to Naruto Vampy is here! Its been a long journey for Swordsman, Vampy, Violet, and Jony but the time has come.

After escaping the Castle and meeting the mysterious Blacksmith Mudsmith - the companions now decide to decend down the mountain! But a fabled mysterious monster that lies within legends awaits them... so they've been told.

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Thank you Tom Fulp for video file access!!! ^_^

The whole animation is on youtube for those who wanna just watch it all at once! half years work!!!!!

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you should really take time with animating, and find a decent voice actor.

Very cool. I like the style and creativity. Well thought out.

At first, I thought this was a parody. Once I realized it wasn't... Keep working hard.

vid never started for me... I am using Google Chrome 64 bit on windows 7 Home Edition