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Doctor Acorn

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Doctor Acorn was treating one of his regular patients when that patient sneezed and blew Doctor Acorn out of the tree. Now Doctor Acorn must find his way back up the tree and back to the practice so he can carry on treating sick friends.

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This is a fun puzzle/platformer combo, and the comics are a great edition, even with good gameplay, a story always adds some special element to it, maybe a goal, a character to relate to? IDK, but it was a fun game. Keep it going!


Great game! didn't have too much of a problem. @MontysDouble I played level 15 5 or 6 times and never had any problem with it. @Stefanielouise You don't have to refresh to redo levels hit pause in the top right corner which will bring up a tab with menu solutions restart and resume. Hit menu and your back to the level select screen.

level 15 absolutely can be passed. please ignore montysdouble's review. i'm giving you 5 stars and a 5 to hopefully mitigate his low rating.

this was an excellent game. wish it was longer. but that's one of the marks of a great game.

Level 15 can't be passed. After scaring the boar and pressing the conveyor button, Dr Acorn rolls onto the lift platform. Just after the screen scrolls up, the level restarts.

Pretty major flaw, but apart from that it's a pretty good game. Nice animation, sound and a good, clear interface. 2 1/2 stars- make it 3 1/2 if the level 15 glitch is fixed.

Thanks, Miniduck.

Enjoyed the game but found it annoying that to restart and try for better scores I had to reload.