"I Am A GameBoy"

April 21, 2013 –
December 5, 2019
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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YouTube version here:

https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=cLs6_r9waLs

On April 21, 1989, the Gameboy was released in Japan. Happy birthday, old chum! More of my music here:

https://soundcloud.com/an imatr0nic

Also, keep up those stories in the reviews, they're a great read.

UPDATE: Thanks for your wonderful reviews, Daily 1st, and great score. I'm really glad you guys enjoyed this. I will never charge for songs like this, EVER, so when I make another I'll pop it on the audio portal for you all to enjoy.


Almost 5 Stars
Good Song
Good Job

i like gae boy

I can't stop listening to this XD

G A M E - B O Y S A R E A W S O M E

This is simply magnificent!

great music this is awsome

It was...decent...yeah....decent

Love the music brah

i do like the 8 bit sound, but it needs a better vocoder sound, like bitspeek. that will get you to Speek and spell sounding :3

only 11 but i ike the classics,go gameboy!

I love that game boy. I remember that when i was a child oh the childhood and memories! :)

Ohh Men,, I thought this was a Gamee.. =D


and an mortal kombat game only on gameboy

I love the Game Boy! I also love the Game Boy Color. I like playing Super Mario Land, Pokemon, and many others.

Thought this was a game at first.

i love this song i still have my gameboy and play it and people call me nerd but i don't care

I still have mine and I play it all the time this is an awsome tribute to the gameboy! Get loop to even if its a little off I don't care!

Nice loop,song's pretty cool,though at the end,it stops for a second,even though it's a loop.
Just nitpicking though.


REALLY awesome song and good graphics and I love the pokemon battle

woot! metroid 2 XD

What are the lyrics?

It is great, loops a little off, though! xD

Nostalgiagasm. That was my first handheld system and ever since I got it I spent an extra 30 minutes in the bathroom to avoid doing my homework and play pokemon blue without getting in trouble. Actually got my mom worried and saw a doctor to see if I had anything wrong with my intestines when I was 7 because of my daily ritual.
5/5. Very catchy song, funny jokes, perfectly synced animation with the music, the list goes on.

Awesome video! Really catchy tune and the voice for the Gameboy is pretty sweet. I just had to break out my Gameboy and play Donkey Kong Country after listening to this!

Man this brings back memories. Happy Birthday Game Boy! It's just a couple of months older than I am. :D Didn't get introduced to it until a decade later, but it was my first console, and a lot of fun. Remember playing DK all day, later picking up Pokemon, pretty much all the classics. Though I wish this was a bit longer it is nice that it's a perfect loop, and it's a catchy tune too. And hell yeah, I remember you GB! I'm still playing with your legacy. :P Nice work on this animation.


i love this movie. i like the idea that you made. it turned out to be a great movie. keep up the awesome work

i like pokemon yellow better because i have it! :D

Really catchy i love the art style too

Almost perfect loop. It bugs me.

Awesome movie!!

Yeah I Remeber

Gameboy was only good for pokemon and old school super Mario bros so other than that it was pretty much useless. The loop mix is pretty catchy though.

i remember those things i wish i hadn't given mine away years ago i miss those things

I do like the flash, really, and i do have my gameboy still. But i don't like how the gameboys nose, eyebrows and mouth are curvy. The face had to be like the eyes are.

I still have my gameboy, plus the generations afterwards, keeping my most fave per gen. of gameboy. That one was Pokemon, special pikachu edition.

Ah good times, good times.

First gameboy game?
Fire emblem, then came Advance wars, and lastly as a memorable game,
Pokemon. Best times of my life.

I need to get me one. Never had one but I will someday!

i remember gameboy from a long time ago

haha what a great little music vid! I loved it, you earned these 5 stars! :)

Remeber Gameboy? Hermm let me see derp de derrrr.. YES with out it we would not have the 3DS, I so think it's funny you can download classic game boy games to the 3ds woot! Happy B-day Gameboy!
I think I can't ever forget you larb keep bringing joy to those who havn't found your neverending black and green graphic's, so epic larb lol.

Oh of course I remember you, gameboy!

I still have a Gameboy, though its red xD i used to play pokemon blue on it ^^


He looks better without the mouth

Aaahhh.. I remember the GameBoy...

this is incredibly nostalgic!

good job

Complaining... but he has nothing too prove what he said... thats just sad :(

try harder next time...with about 5 minutes worth of work I could have done the same thing..it's a good thing they actually have videos on this site and not some stupid link that goes to a video on youtube.

<deleted> responds:

lol. Is someone mad I got front page?

I feel like I am in 1989 in Japan while watching this...

Well played..
Good Game

Tetris was the $H!T! Loved that game! I didn't deserve that toy, my parents wouldn't buy it, sooooooo 1 2 3 4 5! I have 5 fingers! lol! (10 in total, should have gotten one for my brother! lmao!) Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

I miss my GameBoy.Because i miss playing Midnight Club: Racing

RUP gameboy, sony pwnd u

Aw, now I miss my GBA and GBC. :(


<deleted> responds:


My Gameboys screen burnt out, cause my brother played it too much, and he also broke his blue version

gameboy is 24? rly? but i'm 24... lol

very nice but is this on a loop or what

me and my girlfriends anniversary are on the birthday of the gameboy. im so proud.

i haz a pikachu special that my sister gave to me :P
still play it here and there

i stiil have my gameboy i still play it all thetime


i remember the day when i was w/ my parents at shopko and they came to me and be like come with us and surprsingly they brot me to the video game section and asked me to pick out my gameboy and game. i was like *A* and got my lime green gameboy and pokemon blue.

why lime green? cuz i can see thru the purple and i dont wanna se the chips. it was coool but id rather it be solid cuz the chips looked kinda ugly as a kid. why lime green? cuz there were other colors i didn't like and the lime green looked pretty soft and solid to me

why pokemon blue? cuz i loved pokemon and didn't own anything. everyone had red. loved that charizard art but i wanted to be diff i sligthly regreted it but i wanted to take upon my own path and not the ones others took.

gameboy. you were the best thing that happened to me in my childhood. the only thing i dont mind replacing batteries every once in a while.

screw mobile games. consoles are the way to go.

gameboy u completed my childhood when the batteries were out i had to buy new ones but it was worth it T^T b

ah, great master of handhelds... so much priceless memories we've shared. no other handheld game system of your age could compete with you, and I do get the Game Gear joke since I had one.

Man, all of that money wasted on batteries to fuel the hours I've spent on Pokemon Blue was totally worth it

My old gameboy is still holding strong and outlived two tablets, a laptop, and even my PSP. The best things in life are those that will last a lifetime. <3

Happy Birthday Gameboy. I love you and will never abandon you!

this is one of my favorite things to spend all day even in school hours good times good times

A very cute tribute to something that has brought us lots of hours of fun fun times! nice one! thanks for sharing! :D:D

Oh man, now I wish I hadn't sold the Game Boy I bought from eBay. But still. The music and graphics were very cool. Maybe I'll make my own tribute to my own favorite portable video game console. I don't know which one yet, though. Maybe the PSP. Because I'm an idiot. But anyway, good show. I liked it.


Ahhhh this takes me back. I remember being a kid and playing Links awakening and tetris to death on the good ol' gameboy and Pokemon and others on my GBC. Ahh the good old days it was a simpler time back then. Great music and also great video may the gameboy have a happy and grand birthday.

Unique retro style, great !

very nice tribute. I remember playing kirby and super mario on my game boy

I watched this like 3 times before i realized it loops lol....good times

Awww yeaaah....
I remember those days. I feel like I was still too young to fully appreciate the awesomeoness in a gameboy, but boy did I have some good times with that thing.

aaah, the good old days with pokemon blue/red, tetris, megaman, kirby, bomberman and super mario...

My friend, I remember having the first Gameboy... Way better than the Game Gear... Ah, what fun times I had with Kirby, Tetris, and Megaman... Thank you for this, I hadn't thought about the original Gameboy in sometime...

Just for the nostalgia. Brings back a lot of good old memories.

i have an gameboy and i love it :)

Fun animation and addicting song..thanks dude!

I see what you were trying to do with the music making it sound like it could possibly play on the GB, but you could have have a second verse. For a console that survived 10 years before it faded due to superior editions (GBA) you could have done it a bit more justice. However, it was an adaquate attempt. 3/5

Thank you for doing this, it reminds me of simpler times when all anyone needed was two AA batteries and a gameboy color to be happy.

I remember being in grade four playing WWF Superstars 2 with a buddy and a nifty little link cable haha we were late getting to class because we were having so much fun.
Great memories, kudos to the gameboy and all its successors :)

i have gameboy advance.it is fun


I had one when I was like 8 though ps2 and stuff already existed. But I had fun with it!

I have a Gameboy AND a pokemon yellow game!

I still love the Gameboy!

awe i love my old gameboy. got it for my 4th bday. im be 25 years now so :P 11 years of fun on it . sad i have to replace my old breck and game gear you will be mine as well.... 2 first games .. mom and dad got me tetirs <.< god a nightmare of a game that ate up my life. my grandfather bought me kirby dreamland. by far my fave. thanks papa for getting me hooked on games . rip with the rest of our family and friends may we meet again in the end

NIce dude you had a good thing going, it's a shame it isnt longer though. Needed another minutes of stuff imo!

I will forget my gameboy black and wight and then to gameboy color i dont have my orinal game anymore but i still every system i own who knows when i play again i mainly played supermario bros on the color GB and mastered it when i a was kid whet though every level and no cheats or skips in the game and without a gameover cant do that now a little rusty on it song brings back good times, this song cool

Lol, I wonder how many people watched this and said to themselves "What the hell is a gamegear...". Very nice tribute to one of the biggest milestones in videogame history.

Nice Remix!

Like I could ever forget my gameboy! I've got the big grey one we all know and love, as well as a see-through gameboy pocket! A green gameboy colour, a silver gameboy advance (and sp as well)! I brought them all with me when I moved out because I couldn't stand to leave my childhood behind! I'm gonna go play some super mario land right now lol.. Nice animation and catchy song, thanks for the tribute to the amazing handheld. :3

i used to have a gameboy advanced.but it broked and after a couple of years i traded one of my friends for a gameboy advanced sp.

GREAT.........now i want to buy one..................

Im totally covering this song! It's just so golden...:0

Back in 4th grade I was so jelous of the one kid in school who owned one of those.


I miss you, Game Boy...

Still got my old black and white Gamboy, and one of my favorite games to play on it...

To this day I still get mad at the inability to see the screen.


loved my gameboy that was till i lost it

i wish i had a gameboy now instead of downloading game boy games on those web sites where u can play old game :)

i miss mine i loved it soo much

damn it's only a year younger than i am lol i always remember gameboy i kept mine for years even after gba and all those others came out i lost track of it when i went off to school haven't seen it since happy birthday gb you made my child hood brighter

OOh Boy..Retrogasm. great Animation! <3

Simply for Nostalgia reasons.

Well i feel old now, Thanks for that lol

I LOVE THE GAME BOY...after my ds broke. :D

i had one....still have it but.......LOST THE DANM CHARGER....memories:D

still play gameboy i play Mario 2

I remember you :D ...you peace of shit...

i honestly never had one, but i think my dad did. he was fond of it, and i have a gameboy advance, see through blue, hell yeah! ;) still colloecting games. order of handhelds i got: advance, sp, ds lite, ds lite( my first one broke...), currently, a DSi. so fond of the old games, still use them often. handhelds are the best, i get games every chance i get. still have my advance. still play it. fond, fond memories of POKEMON! and mario. and especially spyro. love that guy. oh, and catchy tune :)

I miss playing the old pokemon games. Damn it.

I think I'm gonna play some Tetris now on it :3

Hey I rememeber this my first game was Super Mario Land and I still got it and I have been collecting games for about 2 years.

I used to have one when I was a kid.
Real catchy tune there.

somebody remenber of the gameboy lolol it´s a amasing song

i still have mine since 1998 got it ti my 6 birthday and im still playing with it

Well at least I have a game boy color.

Loved it so much I started writing this before it finished

I love my gameboy I still have an origanal and it STILL works! Ive got a few fame's for it also

I absolutely LOVED it! My Game Boy is right next to me as I'm typing this, and it still works. I still have my copy of Kirby's Dream Land, too.

This was very nice. A Good way to both Honor and celebrate the Gameboy's B-Day!

I never had a Gameboy, but I did have a Gameboy Color (Then Gameboy Advance SP. Another Great Handheld Gaming Device.) which I had a lot of Fun Playing on. I only ever had like 2-3 Games for it, but I still enjoyed Playing them on my Gameboy Color nonetheless! Fun times! ^_^

So even though I never had the Original Gameboy...I still Love it, due to the fact that that's where Nintendo's Amazing Series of Handheld Gaming Devices (Past, Present and Future) came from. We ALL owe so much to the Gameboy. Each having differen't/multiple reasons. :)

P.S. Happy Birthday Gameboy! :D

I still have you! so you can't say I don't remember you! I got you right beside my bed! you are always with me! :')


Just <3.

All I can say is <3.

Points cuz you activated my nostalgia button

Great video man. I had to log in and congratulate you for making this flash! The gameboy was indeed a great handheld system. I remember being in elementary school. I didn't have one at first so I would always play my friends when they snuck it in school. My first game boy was the clear version right before they came out with the slimmer version of this gameboy. My first game was Kirby Dream Land 2 lol! I also later purchased Pokemon. HAHA! Good times man. Thanks for making this flash and Happy Birthday gameboy!

Love this, i might just have to pull mine out and give 'er a spin for old times sake.

One complaint though. And i know its being nit picky. But The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons; although a absolutely wonderful game, is GBC not GB.

Wonderful loop with lots of memories, keep 'er up! ^^

i loved my game boy. so many awesome memories

The more I watch this loop, the more I happiness I feel. It is a nice flash that reminds us how awesome the Gameboy series has been to us. We thank you Gameboy, and you Lilmario, for making this.

<deleted> responds:

That was my intention and I'm glad it worked :D

You're very welcome, thanks for watching!

really good. has a retro feeling to it. it makes me wish i had a gameboy, sadly, i'm too young. when i was born, they were gone. T_T

<deleted> responds:

If you can't get a hold of one, there are other ways of trying the games out....;)

I was born sortly ofter this came onto the market.Thus I grew up with it.Got my first Game Boy Color after my old Game Boy battery holder thing feel off.I remember it well. Thank you for reminding me to get it out and play it.

<deleted> responds:

No problem! I upgraded from gray brick to purple see through GBC after a few years. Blew my mind.

I grew up with the GBA, but I do share fond memories of the GameBoy line of videogame consoles. (Also loving my GB VC games on my 3DS).

<deleted> responds:

The VC was one of Nintendo's wisest moves, in my opinion. And the GBA was equally as great :D

I hope you're happy with yourself! I hope you're proud of this... because it's real good. Good job.

<deleted> responds:

Thank you! I'm more proud of the song than anything, I can't believe people have responded so positively to the video!

played my gamegear until the GBA came out. probably because the PC was my gaming platform of choice. consoles didn't really catch up to that market until Xbox. Didn't stop me from owning every N64 game I could get my hands on though.

<deleted> responds:

I had both a GG and a GB, however the library that the GB had won me over in the end. 90s PC Gamer? I'm jelly as fuck. You had a lot of great exclusives.

Hmm, but that thing ate battery like there was no tomorrow. Hmm.... I wonder if mine still works and that Pikachu cartridge. Nice animation though!

<deleted> responds:

4 beefy AA batteries, guzzled in mere hours :o

Try it out, relive your adventure :D

i used to have a gameboy

I remember you, old friend. I still know you well to this day. My father had great times with you, and know I have great times with you.

One of the best gaming consoles ever, from Gameboy Pocket to Gameboy Advance SP. Countless hours of playing and always epic shit going on. This flash is a great reminder.

<deleted> responds:

Glad it brought you back :)

Oh Gameboy, you are so good you resist real war explosions!!

<deleted> responds:

Ah, the old Gulf War Gameboy. What a hero!

You still impress me more than any of the new systems out now. My 8 year old was so amazed of how much fun you were. The most impressive was Pokémon Yellow. SO FUN.

<deleted> responds:

Mine too! I sank so many more hours into tiny, 40KB games, than I ever have in any modern game.

i remembr you.. i still have you...

<deleted> responds:

"It's been years my friend!" - Your Gameboy

I used to play outside...because when the sun was up it was easy to play the GameBoy outside. Having no color and no backlight meant knowing when it was time to stop. Now, sometimes I don't know if the sun's just setting or if it's midnight without looking at the clock. Thank you, GameBoy. I miss the Ninja Turtles platformer game, and I miss you, old friend.

<deleted> responds:

Yes! I used to bring mine to school to play on the playground. Pokemon Blue & my link cable, ready for action. But whenever it was sunny, holy crap was it hard to see!

Of COURSE we remember you gameboy. Don't be silly. Gimme kiss.

<deleted> responds:


I started with the GameBoy Advance. Oh well.

<deleted> responds:

Backwards compatibility though :D

yes we remember and i wish i still had mine <:U

<deleted> responds:

:( Found my darling brick in an old box a few weeks ago. All beat up with no back cover. Insert AA batteries. WORKING GAMEBOY! Nice.

Who could forget the gameboy?!

<deleted> responds:

There are people on this very website that never even had one :'(

Thank you for making this!

You helped me remember to take out the batteries from my Gameboy before they start leaking and ruin it! You have saved another Gameboy :)

Great video!

<deleted> responds:

You're very welcome! I am the NSPCGB!

i will never forget the gameboy bacuase of this.

<deleted> responds:

Well I hope the melody is hooked into your brain :)

Ah yeah... blue version baby!

<deleted> responds:

I got my GB with Pokemon Blue. I even managed to nab a mew at a supermarket event, before THAT glitch was discovered. Memories!!

All I need to say is that I still have mine. One of the best investments my parents ever made for me.

<deleted> responds:

Too right! It set me on a path of excellent portable Nintendo experiences :)

Alittle long but Gameboy definitly deserved a tribute. Keepin it old school!

<deleted> responds:

Glad you enjoyed it man.

it's nothing special, nothing mindblowing.... but it brings out my inner child and all those many memories of days spend with my big grey brick of endless fun. Thanks

<deleted> responds:

You're right, I spent more time on the song than the animation, it's been a long time :) but I'm very glad those memories came back, that was my intention :D

This was pretty cool! I think Gameboy was / is my favorite gaming device of all time. So many memories. :)

<deleted> responds:

Yeah man. Nostalgia goggles be damned, one of my favourite consoles.

I like that it loops. Had some clever points made, too. The animation was relatively simple.. but so was the Gameboy. Music gets a plus!

<deleted> responds:

Thanks brah ;D

This is a great tribute to the Nintendo Game Boy. The song was nice. The graphics were suitable for the video. Great job on the video. Keep it up!!!

<deleted> responds:

A very fair review! Thank you!

Of course I remember the gameboy ;D

Wow todays the official birthday huh? Wow feels like yesterday when I got the Gameboy pocket. THose were good times. Hell gamewboy deserves credit if it wasnt for the GB Pokemon would never have gotten this big. And with that said nice job. Also oly shit Shante? I keep seeing that game everywhere I guess it's growing in popularity huh?

<deleted> responds:

I read a Nintendo blog known as GoNintendo and the lead guy is obsessed with the Shante games, so I gave this one a go...and it's excellent :D


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