Makeshift Gift

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YOUTUBE LINK: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=QKftqm-4Pyc

Without a penny to spare, a daring young man takes the task of gift-giving into his own hands. His creative, artsy fartsy hands.

This took me a little over a week to make, which actually surprised me. It's also the first ambitious project I've created with frame-by-frame animation. I'm pretty sure there's only one motion tween throughout the whole thing.

But above all my mom loved it and that's what really matters.

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Really good! Your animation is solid, and you have a great art style!

This is really well-done. It's also a great birthday present for your mom. Congrats to her.

I liked it funny and hell she liked it thats awesome, if you made it longer it could really be even better. Heck he could find other things to make for anyone. just a thought. good job.

This is pretty good for your 3rd animation! I would've loved if it were longer (:

Deaniac responds:

Technically, it's the 3rd animation I've submitted online. I've known how to animate for a while now, hahaha.