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Use Arrow Keys to move or use on screen touch controls.

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cool, this takes me back to when i was 8 and this was the only game on my computer. opa no internet stile

Firstly, points off for not being original.

However, with that in mind, when you do a remake, there are things you have to get right: it's got to be worthy of the original game, which was in two colors of black and white. The colors you've added don't make it better, they make it make less sense. What's that oddly blocky lawn? What are those semi-shaded yellow circles? Why do the arrow key directions invade the game and stay there forever more?

So second, points off for not only being original, but actually making the game worse. There is no score-keeping system, no music option, no sound option, the menu looks like a resolution accident mixed with poor design...basically the game lacks polish.

Finally, a glitch: after playing a few rounds, the walls suddenly stopped being obstacles and I could go through them. I don't understand how this happened, but it was confusing and I feel like it was unintentional.

Kudos for a first submission, and I don't mean to dissuade you. But you're a developer and I'm a critic.

This was my favourite chilhood game and it's nice but is it just me or the stage is always the same? The pictures are plain though, it'd be nicer if there were more obstacles around.

I can see that this is the first thing you've submitted here, but you can't be shielded from the truth, either - If the game fitted one word it would be 'lacking'

Remaking a game is, in principle, just fine, but it would probably be best to put a little more 'something' in if you want to stand out. There's no sound, even for collecting, and the graphics are clunky. That so many pellets spawn at one takes a lot of the difficulty away, leaving very little to be experienced.

If you continue making content (or editing this one) spend some more time polishing it and making it your own or no one will ever see what you put your effort into.

simple but brings back old memorys