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This is the intro for my SMBZ KAI series, that was so hard... finally it is over... I really had to work hard on this intro, even finding sprites to enter my series and I'm hapy for the result so far but you guysenjoy!

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Amazing! Alvin would definitely be happy, the song is great, the custom sprite-work is on point, it was well executed and overall fun to watch. a tip I have is to make Bowser not look as 'dull' as he appears in here. Other than that, I really enjoyed it!

Krazzygamer3y2 responds:

Thank you for your kind words! I do wish I could dedicate myself more to this, but there are other opportunities that I have been attending to. More particularly, the Scene 1 remake that I had long planned for is still under construction, and I haven't been working on it for a long time because it was time constraning and although my head was telling me to rush it, my heart tells me to take my time and make it perfect.

This is an old intro however. And as the new year struck, when I looked back it, there are vastly a number of things I would've liked to improve on it. And I have new plans for a new SMBZ KAI intro. And that's coming probably after I do the Scene 1 remake. And if people like it, I will consider working on the 1st episode, but it is not however, meant to compete with the original. Comparation, sure, but this is mostly for working on story development, character development and personality and other sorts. I will hope to implement those more as I go along.

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I love it, but what ever happened to mecha mario?

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This is nice, even if Alvin decides not to remake the series at least you're doing something to continue the series yourself and it's quite clear you have potential from the animation work you did and I just hope not everyone would rush you like they did Alvin in the past.

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I'm really glad that you are trying to continue the series. I loved all of the scenes in this intro, especially the scene of the heroes and mecha sonic going into battle, that scene was the best. You're one of the best animators in the world (right next to Alvin Earthworm, etc)! Keep up the good work.

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I liked it. I'm glad someones trying to make the series go further. Also love the effects. You're good at animating. The scene where i saw Mecha-Mario was amazing as well.

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Apr 19, 2013
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