Apples - Short Animation

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A short animation about greed

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The art style is kinda suiting the thing...but the idea...and the animation quality...just,meh...

Normero responds:

I don't mind that you don't like it, but can you at least give helpful criticism? Why don't you like it?

A sweet, fluid and solid animation, a nice pantomime story and delightful visuals. defiantly an excellent job. :)

Very nice animation. I see not only a moral on greed but also a moral on violence in it.

Your movie reminds me strongly of eyezmaze.com. Is there any connection?

Normero responds:

I love eyezmaze and can't deny that I didn't get inspired by it, but no connection :)

Dumm, dumm, dummm, dumm (duu du duu du duu duu)

interesting animation style buddy. and yes this pretty much sums up humanity. we want more, go to war over it and both end up as the losers lol. well atleast some of us learn our lessons early and lean not to be so greedy

Normero responds:

Thanks :D