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Soldier of Action

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Hi Newgrounds im Mile and im new here and I made a Animation that maybe is not special but it isnt my first one you can watch it on you tube if you want
https://www.youtube.com/c hannel/UCTb1ZoCEx9sdb0BKd XLP8yQ?feature=watch

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Sve je super ali sto je sve na hrvatskom

mile667 responds:

Ma to je bio jedan od mojih prvih projekta te nisam o tome razmišljao te kad sam stavio svoju animaciju na You Tube onda sam malo radio na engleskom prijevodu i imao sam malu ne zgodicu sa autorskim pravima kao sto vidis onu zadnju scenu koristio sam cjelu Rusku pjesmu i nije trebalo You Tubeu dugo da mi makne vidio i lupi mi strike od onda ne koristim više muziku koja je ne cije autorsko djelo koristim samo besplatnu muziku koja služi za korištenje za video projekte

Grammar was horrible, the sound effects were over used, scenes took too long, everything looked like it was thrown up by a cat, the gun shots didn't look real. I hated looking at this. That's all I could do; Look at it.

mile667 responds:

YOU ARE A TROL my Animation looking like it was thrown up by a cat, is such a insult that is my style if you dont like it Go to Russia


mile667 responds:

Well the animation looks in some way like an sprite animation and The best thing is that all sprites are my creation. And none have been riped from other sites like Mario,Sonic,Doom guy.