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The Abandoned City

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Through The Looking Glass 5 Points


Rest in Piece 10 Points

Defeat the Combined Golem

Rocksliding Fearlessly 10 Points

Open City Door

Roll Away The Stone 25 Points

Beat the Game

Author Comments

WASD- Move
Mouse/Arrow Keys - Shoot
E - Interact
Q - Switch Weapon
Space - Inventory
M - Mute
The Captain's search for Laserbeard's treasure takes him to the gates of an ancient abandoned city. However, getting the treasure be easy. The city gates are sealed and the city surrounded by malevolent stone golems. In his quest, the Captain will uncover the treacherous history of the city, and discover how it became abandoned.
An episode of the Tales of the Renegade Sector series. The episode was designed to stand on it's own and act as a good jumping on point for the series. You can find the other episodes here: http://renegadesector.com /games/

You can also pay-what-you-want (min $1) for a standalone version + the soundtrack and some bonus art: http://renegadesector.com /treasure-of-the-abandone d-city/

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it's....impressive! it really reminds me more than anything of Star Tropics 2: Zoda's Revenge for NES! it's really different than that game though.

one thing i've heard recently is that since many users are not using standard american keyboards, being from other countries, they require key rebindings. think of all the japanese players you could have! but seriously, it does toss out a lot of players. *shrug*

Walking around searching for keys is boring. Also fighing is annoying.

Looks great, but not playable without a qwerty keyboard.

Simply a GREAT game!!! Loved it, its retro style, the need to explore the map going maybe in the same direction many time, discovering a new path each time, this game was fun, complex and really enjoyable!!! Don't listen to those who said the game was difficult, you did a great job here, and i really appreciate that. New gamers gonna hate.

malec2b responds:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!

The game is too hard especially from the beginning
1. the boulders... there's no real skill.. just running through them and hope you're lucky not to get hurt.
2. the music is repetitive and annoying
3. the enemies really don't get hurt with the hyper glove... it's too easy for them to glance it off and kill you. Melee fighting is not an option in the game.
4. arrow keys for shooting?
5. there's barely any direction to the game... exploring is good, but getting players completely lost and bored is not good

malec2b responds:

1. It is quite possible to make it through the boulders without taking any damage. You just have to go under their arcs.
3. They take damage, although not as much as with the pistol. The hyper glove is a sort of weapon of last resort; you can use it to defeat enemies (provided you also do a lot of dodging to keep your distance), but it's not as easy as using the pistol or throwing objects.
4. This is just an alternate control scheme for people who don't have a mouse, which is the primary way to shoot.
5. This is a point of personal preference, but I don't like games that hold the player's hand too much in leading them around the world. The first bit of the game is pretty much a straight-shoot to the city doors. By that point, 4 of the 6 triangle keys have been visible from the main path; you only have to figure out how to reach them.

Anyway, sorry you found the game too difficult. However, the difficulty and open-endedness is intentional.