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Cubo is originally a school project I did from scratch in Flash in grade 11th. I never got the time to really finish it or work on a storyline or something, but you can still enjoy here the work I managed to do in the 2-3 weeks I had for this project.

I hope you guys enjoy it!

Controls are explained in the game.


I'd like to thank you guys a lot for your feedback! As much as I would like to fix the flaws you all noticed here and there, this project was programmed like a year ago when I had absolutely no experience in programming, and now that I look at it I wish I would have been a little more organized. I won't fix this version, but I will probably redo it at one point for a project in my programming classes and add you guys' recommendations at that time. Thanks again for commenting on it, it's really helpful.


Good game, but I wish I could close it and come back later starting at the same point.

The graphics were cute, the level design was ok... but there were 3 major problems which kept me from enjoying the game. First of all, it was too tall for my screen- I couldn't see the entire level at once, and would have to guess at how much time was left on the timer. If there was an option to shrink down the game size, I'd appreciate it. Secondly, it took a really long time for the level to restart after you died- it is easy to die early in the levels, and if the wait time was shortened it would make it more bearable Make it so 'R' instantly restarts the level or something. Lastly, the physics was off- if I jumped onto a moving platform, I would not move with it and just fall off. This made it especially hard- and not the good kind of hard, just the annoying kind.
Overall, my enjoyment of the game was greatly hindered. If you could just fix these small but annoying problems, I would be willing to give it a second go.

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Jump felt a bit too high but still a fun little game

a fun and entertaining little puzzle-platformer that amuses me and is very rewarding to finish.
i think that this game made me better at platformers.

dude, you totally plagiarized meatboy

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2.93 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2013
3:49 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other