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Firelink Annals: Lautrec

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This took a while longer than it should but I'm happy with it overall. I love dark souls and have always wondered what all those people at Firelink do while I'm out busy being eviscerated by snake men. I have a few ideas for some other characters so if you wanna see more say so in the comments or subscribe to my youtube channel to let me know.

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hmmm this is a VERY interesting take on the dark souls characters, and its quite original as well!
i would like to see how some other characters in DS react, feel and interact with their enviroment, and perhaps we can analyse their mindset in some other episodes as well!
in this episode, we see the shy(?!) knight lautrec, trying to talk, with the seemingly mute woman at the bonfire.
but the truth is revealed, with the discovery of an i-pod! but how did it ended there? time travel! (lolz!)

anyways, the movie had many good jokes, and i loved the puns, and the different take on lautrec. instead of depicting him like the cruel knight that he is, you showed him as a shy, love-struck romantic knight that tries to talk with the firelink girl... pretty cool!1

also, one detail in your movie that i LOVED, was you showing lautrec's holes in his helmet reacting like eyes, and therefore adding face expressions in a helmet, something almost impossible!
i also liked that the top helmet-holes were his ''eyes'' and expressed as such, and the bottom helmet-holes, were his mouth, and it made him smile/pout when needed, while his ''helmet hairs'', reacted like the cat ears that stretch/fall down according to the mood of the owner... VERY clever action the thing that you did with his helmet ''eyes''/''mouth'' and ''hair'', very nice!

as for the movie/story itself, it was a fresh new look on a dark story in DS, (no pun), and it was very nicely drawn, animated and thought out...
VERY good work!

i also liked how lautrec was flirted by spider-woman at the end, cute ending, and game-wise, i think we can all agree on one thing: patches is a bloody annoying character.

you should definitelly try to animate new episodes with oscar, solaire, siegmeyer, and dark tarkus, to name a few.

good work sir, do more like this! :)

lautrec i know him i know wat happend cuz i was peeking in deh backround under the stairs

I forgive you Lautrec for making my safe point go away. Patches you dick. :u

ahhh i fell bad for killing him now

awsome flash, it actually made me think of that entire situation in a completely differant light.

also, the flow of time in Lordran is very... wierd... suffice to say, its actually completely possible for her to have an ipod in this time period. im not quite sure how it would charge though...

UmbralTide responds:

is it odd that distored time flow is the only time travel form that i don't feel the compulsion to logically examine........HOORAH

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4.34 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2013
11:32 AM EDT