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Threads of Disloyalty

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How to Play:
Click to make choices and advance dialog.

Lead a kingdom to political unrest by manipulating its fickle regents and convincing them to rebel against their king.

Made for the Indie Speed Run in 48 hours.

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Pretty neat, in a way it reminds me of the interactive negotiation games by Zapdramatic. It would be nice if there were more responses- this way repeatedly clicking to get the right mood wouldn't get too tedious. Good job!

It feels like I can click blindly and get it right, especially with the king. There's no real indication of what I'm supposed to be doing, or what exact effect I'm having on him, so I couldn't tell if I was succeeding (while ending up clicking randomly) until I just--sort of won. It has a kernel of something interesting, and I think if more time is taken to develop it, it will turn out quite intriguing.

Interesting idea! You could take this, add many more elements, and turn it into so much more! That would be awesome to see