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Pacman Doom

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Bridge The Gap 5 Points

There's light on the other side of the tunnel.

Game Over 5 Points

All good things come to an end!

In Control 5 Points

Now you have mastered the buttons.

Read Me 5 Points

Thanks for reading! :)

Spawn 5 Points

Even if you kill them, they don't die!

High Score 10 Points

Get over 1000 points!

Higher Score 25 Points

Get over 10,000 points!!

Insane Score 100 Points

Get over 66,666 points!!!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Once you beat the big badasses and clean out the moonbase you're supposed to win, aren't you? Where's your fat reward and ticket home? What the hell is this? It's not supposed to end this way! It stinks like rotten meat, but looks like Pacman. Looks like you're stuck in a realm of fruits, ghosts and eternal point collection. The only way is through.


If you like Doom and/or Pacman, you might like this. :)

Instructions on how to play/controls/useful stuff are included in the game, along with two easter eggs and an eternal loop of levels. The mission is: get the highest score you possible can.

Anyway, I've been working on this game the whole day, and both day and game are finally done. Woo! Sit back, relax, eat some dots, enjoy! Have fun! And most importantly... leave tons of feedback! ;)

NOTE - Score-based medals are unlocked after you finish a game.

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I love this way more then normal pacman the doom aesthetics look so good and this game is so addictive oh! and i love the added achievements

Cyberdevil responds:

Thank you. :) Was a bit addicted to this for a while too after I made it. Soon as you mix in a little DOOM with something it just suddenly gets so much better! :D

Lol this is cool

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks man :)

Its simple, but really fun! :)

Cyberdevil responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Great mix between two great games. Also, how in the bloody hell can you get 1,000,000!? Youre the creator of this game (kinda), and yet some beat your score and got a million points!? im having trouble even getting 100,000! (also, im not british.) The only thing i noticed which just scares me a little is the fact that it seems like all your games arent safe. i guess as long as you dont click anything. My computer constantly telling me, "HEY! This site aint fully secure bro! Hackers might be able to see the images you're looking at on this site, and trick you by modifying them. Click here to learn more." Thats the only thing that scares me. overall, great game. also, im guessing that one of the secret medals is getting 100,000?

ALSO!!! Are you going to change your games from flash to something else? Flash is going to stop being supported, and some of these games are really cool!
Edit:I'm deducting half a star for unresponsiveness. i died like 12 times already because doomguy/pacman didnt go the right way. Sometimes even after spamming it. everything else is good though.

Cyberdevil responds:

Thank you. :) Yeaah that is crazy, those highscores weren't there last I checked... but I do think it's possible, just takes a LOT of time! Once you figure out the patterns it gets easier! Regarding the safety though I'm not sure why you'd be getting that, but could it be because this was made in Flash? I don't get any notices myself, not sure what that's about. If your computer (antivirus?) gives you any more specific information feel free to send me a PM, maybe I can do something about it. Regarding the secrets I can tell you this: one's related to Doomguy, and one's related to the music. ;)

Sorry 'bout that, but glad you enjoyed it overall! Regarding Flash going away NG currently has the NG Player (downloadable via your account page) to keep running Flash content after the end of the year, and will hopefully be using this for all old submissions once it fully supports everything: https://ruffle.rs/

So it should be fine as is. :) I don't have the know-how or all the source files required to convert all my old submissions to HTML, but will be implementing that on my own site too in a bit. Everything should keep working just like normal, no need to install a plugin either, in time it'll be like a part of the site itself. Basically just like an HTML version but even better. ;)

I couldn't do it very much when I was a kid :) I would be excited too much :) 66,666 points is impossible for me :D

Edit: @Cyberdevil Oh no :) It has nothing to do with the pattern :) I have panic attack and anxiety and things get out of control when I get excited, so I can't be very successful in games like this :) Sometimes I'm lucky only :)

Cyberdevil responds:

Ah that's a shame, once you figure out the pattern it's not as difficult as maybe it first seems. :) But thanks for playing!

Edit too: Oh man that sounds troublesome! XD The more fun the game the less possible it is to play? Or the longer it is? Really all the more respect for your recent accomplishments then! Hope you manage to overcome/sort those things out in time though; play to the fullest. ;)