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Hostile Ally Defense

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Author Comments

Tower Defense game, but with a small twist - player can't build towers. Instead, you have to capture your enemy and force him to fight for you! Enemy - is your Best Defense!

SPACEBAR (Hold to pause).

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I said it before on fgl: great game. It's very underrated here on Newgrounds imo. Very challenging, I completed all hard modes and 2 very hard modes but now I'm about to give up.

not the first game Ive played that uses enemies as allies but still rare! Definitely a good game!

This was a fun TD game, really smooth in both interface in graphics, and the controls are easy to get used to. The way you defend using the enemies is a unique idea as well, creative! Makes me think of tai-chi, using the power of the foe against them, haha, maybe that's where the idea came from? Nice work!


creative fun blast!!!

Good idea!