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Unfortunate Girl:TWO pt.1

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After the death of her parents, Karissa tries to move on, though her past still haunts her.
The origins of the Karissa/Shawn duo are shown, while something sinister seems to be watching Karissa's day to day life.

If the cartoon runs a little choppy on your computer, either buy a better computer or watch it on my Youtube channel linked in the loader screen!
Hey, guys! So this actually just the FIRST part of this full episode. I reached Flash's 16,000 frame limit JUST at the end of the full episode, which was about 15 minutes long, so I had to cut it in half. So the pacing might seem a little rushed because of that, and for that I am sorry! I will upload part 2 as soon as I'm done giving it a final polish!


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oh god, I`ve been looking for this for years :,D finally found it!

I understand how animating is hard, but I, and a lot of people in fact can't wait to see part 3. In fact I am so ready to read a light novel about the story instead of watching part 3 animation. Please, we know what we're asking is too much and what we're offering is too little (if not non existent lmfao), please make a part 3. Make it in the form of comics or a notepad file with the story (light novel form), I'll check it out as fast as possible and give it a rapid 5 stars before even seeing it. Keep up the great work.

Awesome, beautiful, intense... that is the true shape of art

I really hope i see more like this! Seems like any criticism i can offer is obsolete in contrast to your recent works! You have grown incredibly as an animator!

Can that windmill sound ANY creepier? O.o