To the surface

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A medal for this?! 10 Points

Use the edge of the window to move to the other side

Thank you fishies 10 Points

get a score of 5000

Aiming high 25 Points

earn 20000 points

I can almost see the sun 50 Points

earn a score of 40000

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Use your arrow keys to move Kamiel around. Simple, fun, "get as high as possible"-game. Kamiel wants to get to the surface and the fishes will surely help him.
Be sure to check out the highscores and medals.
The smaller green fishes will give you a better push and better score. If you get higher, score/fish increases but the density of fishes lowers.

Music is by Mistarogerz. You can find him here on Newgrounds or on his website funnestplaceintheworld.co m, be sure to check out his work.


Easiest 5 medals I've ever gotten. Got 101191 for a score third try once I figured out what I was doing. Gets a little hard after 100k since the fish are rather far apart, if you miss the next fish its over.

Surprised the dev score is only ~50k for the last medal. Oh well, amusing little game anyways.

...And apparently after checking I now have all time highscore... lol Wut? I stopped cause I suddenly realized I had gotten all the medals. I'll leave it to someone else to break my score.

A:6 V:6 G:8


You need to fix it friend, fix it.

Daggietainment responds:

Nah... you can make him say stuff,... strange stuff,.... evil stuff O_O

What the-

My 2nd time playing and I already got the "Mad Skill" medal. Seriously bro?

Daggietainment responds:

Yes bro, sorry bro, I suck at my own game bro ):

I am giving you all the stars because I had fun playing this addictive game!

Simple concept, but oh so addicting! I got up to 80k, on a whim, after struggling for quite a while just to reach the top medal, which makes me wonder... why no leaderboard so I can boast about my score? :D The game itself is a great timewaster, easy controls, simple concept, and progressive difficulty as you get higher. Towards the top it seems important to keep track of the fish you pass just in case you need another bounce. So I guess there's some strategy involved too. Nice work!


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Daggietainment responds:

Heya, you can go to the leaderboard by clicking the fist in the top right corner of the medalpod. Yours and some other highscores are crazy, seems like I suck at my own game :p Anyway, thank you (and everyone else) for reviewing. It's really helpfull. I'll be implementing a lot of the things posted here if I ever make a sequel.

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3.19 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2013
6:32 AM EDT
Skill - Other