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Survival Farm

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Author Comments

Grow crops in the backyard farm and grab your weapon to shoot the zombies at the same time - you are the only brave one who can take charge of this camp! Buy new seeds, barriers or weapons as you survive, employ shooters, and keep the zombies away from the farm! Can you defend the survivor camp with all you've got?

Click to select/purchase anything in the menu, use the buttons or shoot. Press Space bar to reload your gun.

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I am rating this game at this rating for a couple of reasons. firstly there is the fact that the aspect of having to protect your farm is lost when you hire the third auto sniper as by that point no zombies can get through. the second point is that the irrigation system as this makes part of the game redundant and also extremely simple. there is also a slight glitch I noticed and that is where if you shoot the pigs then no matter how far the progress bar is you get more pork but to no sacrifice. this is not very important due to the no money for animals bug. but if the creator could fix these things then I reckon this game could do a lot better.

I'm reluctant to give games of this nature a review at all, but seeing as I had nothing better to do, let's just get straight into it.

This game is pointlessly long. By the time you are in the level 20-ish range (if not earlier) you should be done simply because there is a severe lack of things to do.


- Zombies are FAR too infrequent and spawn too few to be of consequence (should scale on level).
- Only two (2) kinds of zombies.
- There is no need to buy better guns because of how weak/few of them there are.
- It is ridiculously easy to earn money.
- Not nearly enough things to spend money on.
- The chickens, pigs, and cows do not grant money or experience (obviously a bug).
- The irrigation system trivializes the entire management of your farm.
- There appears to be no limit to how many rounds of ammo or seed packs you can purchase.

By the time I wrote this review, I got to level 55 (had I really *tried*, as well as if the chickens/pigs/cows had not been bugged, I would wager I would have EASILY been 100+), had two thousand rounds of starter gun ammo, over one thousand of every other kind, and over a thousand of several kinds of seed packets, several hundred of the later ones each. Everything possible was purchased yet I still did not get one particular trophy and still have no idea what it could have been related to.

Regardless, I only played to this point in some vague hope that maybe, just MAYBE there was a redeeming point somewhere. There is none so I spent a a good 2-3 hours on another game that just makes itself out to be yet another completely lazy clone of much more polished 'grind' games out there.

The only way I would play this again is if the creator(s) rebuilt the ENTIRE game from the ground up and we all know that's not going to happen.

Cool game, just a problem, it has a bug that makes the animals to not give me money or exp. when i put them in the storage.

Fun game! I may have experience a bug. After I would pick the vegetables, I would try to water them as well before turning them in to the storage. The storage would not recognize that I had any vegetables but the number I had picked would still be floating over my head. I tried un-equipping everything but it still wouldn't work. Hope that helps!

Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2013
6:20 AM EDT